Josef Reinhardt

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Quick Details

Sphere: Immortal
Flavor Body Thief
Apparent Age 30s
Virtue/Vice Temperance & Pride
Played By David Anders


xxxxxA former emergency services technician taking a holiday, Josef Reinhardt fell into traveling with Daniel Vaughn, the two having hit it off in a chance meeting in Russia. Daniel was traveling in search of his missing companion, while Josef was taking some time for himself and seeing Europe while doing so. The two struck up a companionship, presumably discussing Daniel's love for antiques enough to pique Josef's interests in the same. Having no other heirs and concerned for his own safety, Daniel made Josef his heir in case anything untoward were to happen while searching for his lost companion. After Daniel was murdered in Berlin, Josef found himself in ownership of the antique dealer's estate, including a Shop in Fallcoast. He decided to emigrate to the United States and re-open his deceased friend's shop.

RP Hooks
Body Thief "Flesh so fine, so fine to tear, to gnash the skin; skin to strip, to plait, so nice to plait the strips, so nice, so red the drops that fall; blood so red, so red, so sweet; sweet screams, pretty screams, singing screams, scream your song, sing your screams..."
Well Traveled Immortal An Immortal soul in another captured body. Perhaps you've crossed paths with one of his prior selves without knowing it.
Antiques Dealer Former paramedic turned Antiques Dealer, reopening a friend's Shop in Fallcoast.
Antiquities Ostensibly turned on to the practice by his deceased friend, it's still just a cover for being one himself.

OOC Notes

xxxxxJosef Reinhardt is the newest body claimed by an Immortal Body Thief who was most recently Daniel Vaughn. Having been traveling Europe in search of his kidnapped partner Jewel, Daniel traveled for a time with a German named Josef Reinhardt. When unknown parties murdered Daniel in the streets of Berlin, Josef was the closest person around, and so Josef was the newest receptacle for the Immortal soul of the Body Thief.

xxxxxTraveling for another two years, Daniel-turned-Josef worked with his lawyers to have all of Daniel's assets willed to over to his new body (so nice what money can get you from lawyers with less-than-perfect scruples), while continuing to track down the kidnappers. In 2020 having lost the leads after the murder of his former shell, Josef gave up the chase and returned to Fallcoast, to lose himself in the work for a few decades and forget his loss.


Daniel Vaughn - Such a poor man, murdered while trying to rescue his kidnapped beloved. I will find her and honor his memory! Jewel Abernathy - Said kidnapped beloved. Who turns out to be not so kidnapped anymore.


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