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Half light. Half dark.

Jericho When The Walls Fell

Frank Jones

Pain don't hurt

'I am damned,'
thinks Bunny Munro in a sudden moment of self-awareness reserved for those who are soon to die.

— Nick Cave
The Death of Bunny Munro


The Whispers

  • xxxxxHeard he's the Alpha of Sudum-ma.
  • xxxxxHe hangs out around Northwest Crow Hollow Woods (H02) A lot. Always with a notepad.
  • xxxxxHeard he used to be some kind of vagrant or hobo.

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The Wolf
Dead Name: Shaw Linser
Deed Name: Jericho
Archetype: Vagrant
Auspice: Elodoth
Tribe: Hirfathra Hissu
Pack: The Reckoning
Age: Early 30s
Info: Player Info


The Family

'What's a misanthrope?'
'A misanthrope is a bugger who hates every other bugger.'
'Are we misanthropes?'
'Lord no! We're family.'

— Nick Cave,
The Death of Bunny Munro

  • Turnbucket:
    "Conflict follows wrongdoing as surely as flies follow the herd."
    — Doc Holliday

  • Kharn:
    “One’s back is vulnerable, unless one has a brother.”
    — The Saga of Grettir

  • Seraphine:
    “Anything you can imagine is probably true. And the worst you can imagine is probably worth money.”
    — W. C. Baer, Hell's Half Acre

  • Marleigh:
    “The quiet sense of something lost”
    — Alfred Tennyson

  • Katherine:
    “We lie best when we lie to ourselves.”
    — Stephen King, It