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Prepare Thyself.


Dot black.png Overview:

xxxxxWhen he was a young man, he went to war and found it frightening. He flew with the angels and delivered angry death to the people below him, and such was his life until he was snatched from the skies and delivered unto his enemy. He could not fault them for their anger, for it was righteous - and then he escaped their custody and entered the Long Dark.

xxxxxIn the Long Dark, he lived for a time, terrified like never before, and found a door to somewhere somehow worse.

xxxxxIn that place, he had learned the lesson of fear and was its herald. Then, came a day when he could escape again, and did so.

xxxxxNow, he is remade, stronger than before, and learning that fear is a weapon and he has grown gifted with it.

Dot black.png Mask:

xxxxxHe's tall, old, and looks to be in good health. With a full head of hair and thick beard, the salt-and-pepper look to him conveys his experience and constitution more than simply his age. With those deep, dark brown eyes, he seems to be a cautious observer, and his motions are controlled, as if focused more than frightened.
xxxxxOn a given day, he'll be wearing a simple, unassuming polo shirt in a primary color, matched with slacks in the same shade, with the ubiquitous choice of footwear being soft-soled track shoes. If the weather dips too cold, he'll switch to a worn US Navy flight jacket, the rear of which has a strange design: an eagle surrounded by green barbed wire.

Dot black.png Mien:

xxxxxHe's tall, weathered, and built like a gorilla. With massive hands dotted in burns and nicks, long-since healed over, and standing a full six foot nine, he's a towering block of a man. His skin is burnished brass beneath the veneer of actual dermis, while his eyes are cool, faintly glowing in an eerie green. The general aura to him is of something dredged up from the bottom of a deep, dark pit, or worse - something capable of climbing out of one.
xxxxxThe features of his face look skeletal, like his body couldn't support the continued existence of skin and muscle, leaving it as a graphic example of what the Wyrd can do to a body and keep them alive, if also disturbing to the eye. There's a faint aura of dirt, like a freshly-dug hole, clinging to him, and a strange flickering to his shadow wherever it is cast; like it's stringing itself too thin, or trying to escape. Or to trap something which strays too close.


Dot black.png Autumn Court - He's become acquainted with fear.

Dot black.png Changeling - He became lost before he was Taken.

Dot black.png Construction: To better inspire courage, build things up.

Dot black.png Demolition: To better inspire fear, burn things down.

Dot black.png Vietnam War (1969-1972): On the USS America (CV-66) as a pilot.

Dot black.png Vietnam War (1972-1974): Officially, he was a P.O.W. in Vietnam.

Dot black.png Flying: What is left of his favorite action is now a hobby.


HollyTh002.png Holly - Short, mysterious, and strange.

ConstructionIcon.png NAME - Will say something here at some point.

ConstructionIcon.png NAME - Will say something here at some point.




Awards & Citations

Navy Cross Ribbon
Defense Distinguished Service Ribbon
Navy Distinguished Service Ribbon
Silver Star Ribbon
Legion of Merit Ribbon
Bronze Star Ribbon
Purple Heart Ribbon
Air Medal Ribbon
Navy Marine Corps Combat Action Ribbon
Navy Expeditionary Ribbon
Vietnam Service Ribbon
Vietnam Gallantry Cross Ribbon
Navy Rifleman Ribbon
Navy Pistol Ribbon



Seeming elemental.pngMilitary.pngThorpeIcon.pngEntitlement ancient and accepted order of bridgemasons.png

Vital Stats

Full Name: Joe Thorpe
Appears As: Joe
Date of Birth: July 10th, 1950
Apparent Age: Early 50s
Occupation: Delta Worx Construction
CEO, Chief Architect
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Wrath
Sphere: Changeling
Court: Autumn
Seeming: Elemental
Kiths: Blightbent
Entitlement: Ancient and Accepted Order of Bridgemasons
Keeper: One Fury Bright
Motley: None yet.
Affiliation: Thorpe Family

Notable Stats

Strength ••••••
Crafts ••••
Survival •••
Crafts Construction
Stealth Darkness
Acidic Touch ••
Dual Kith •• ~ Banshee
Triple Kith •••• ~ Shadowsoul
Decorated ••••
Arcadian Body (Strength) ••••


The Blind Boys of Alabama ~ Way Down in the Hole
When you walk through the garden
You gotta watch your back
Well I beg your pardon
Walk the straight and narrow track
If you walk with Jesus
He's gonna save your soul
You gotta keep the devil
Way down in the hole
Hell Broke Luce ~ Tom Waits
How is it that the only ones responsible for making this mess
Got their sorry asses stapled to a goddamn desk
And Hell broke Luce
Hell broke Luce
Left, right, left
What did you do before the war?
I was a chef, I was a chef
What was your name?
It was Geoff, Geoff
I lost my buddy and I wept, wept
I come down from the meth
So I slept, slept
I had a good home but I left, left