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Jezebel Saint
“It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane."
Philip K. Dick
Jezebel Saint likes being looked at, that's obvious enough. She has jet black hair that reaches just past her shoulders, carefully styled and often streaked with dyed strands of midnight blue or scarlet red. She has long lashes and heavily shadowed eyes, her irises a rich blue that borders on lavender. Her lips are extraordinarily full, dark red lipstick accenting their pouty look. She has razor-sharp cheekbones and a slight cleft to her chin, with dimples on either side of her mouth. Her teeth are even and white and she has extraordinary, unblemished porcelain skin. She's gorgeous and striking and more than a little alluring, her gaze having a sultry quality that's hard to define. She has golden hoop earrings and an obvious piercing in her tongue. Her clothing is revealing by nature, favoring a black A-line top with a plunging display of cleavage, the rounded curves of her breasts kissing against one another. She has tattoos visible on her bared arms, notably a stylized crescent moon on her right bicep and a serpent wrapping around the length of her left arm, its fanged face on the back of her left hand. She has black tights and heeled boots, adding a few inches to her petite height, a chain belt running around her waistline. (Striking Looks 2: Goth Babe)
RP Hooks
Jez is all over the internet, on 'the hustle' as she'll often say. She streams video games, has a Youtube channel focused on make-up and clothes, does a great deal of modelling and has an OnlyFans account to raise money through a bit of lewd content. While none of these are official jobs, they take a lot of work and she's constantly focusing on trying to increase her follower count and get ahead.
Driven mad by her durance in a variety of ways, Jez has a very unstable personality. She veers from deep melancholy to frantic joy at the drop of a hat. She can be adoring, compassionate, soft-hearted, but also vindictive, cruel and selfish. Believing her madness is part of her power, she does nothing to check her illness and often even leans into the idea that she's 'crazy'.
Merek Black is known for his family name from Eastern Europe, and some Romani descent. It seems that the Blacks have a fortune that was made when they travelled to America. He can be seen with the finest in services, whether it be from cars, planes, and boats, to hotels, as well as all that Fallcoast has to offer. He does not seem to flaunt it much, besides his favorite car, the Lamborghini Tron Aventador, which he uses as a car when he can.
Attention Whore
Ignored and forgotten in much of her early life, Jez now absolutely revels in attention. Much of her behavior ties to her need to be noticed, to be seen, to feel others giving her their regard. It's not particularly healthy, as far as motivations go, but she is what she is and nothing makes her angrier than being ignored.
After a life of mostly suffering, pain and fear, Jez drowns her senses in pleasure every chance she gets. Sex, drugs, partying, dancing, video games, music, anything that helps to keep the nightmares and the pain at bay, she'll do whatever it takes to keep herself stimulated enough to not feel that horrible shit.


  • TBD - I hope I make some friends soon!
Name: Jezebel Saint
Class: Changeling
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Moonborn
Court: Spring
Occupation: Streamer, Model, Influencer, Sex Worker
Keeper: Kissing Razors
Merits: Striking Looks 2 (Goth Babe)
Derangements: Manic-Depression, PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder
Played By: Saraya-Jade Bevis (Paige)
Fame: E-Girl on the Rise
Song Name by XYZ

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