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Jessamine Abernathy

"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper."

Template: Changing Breeds Breed: Wing-Folk Species: Brythian
Date of Birth: April 1st Virtue: Charity Vice: Wrath

xxxxxJessamine Abernathy is the daughter of Julia and Andrew Abernathy. Her mother is the Abernathy in the family line and was a known Medium around town. Andrew was from an affluent family and truly loved his wife. Jessamine was born on April Fool's Day in 1990. Her parents were in their mid thirties when they had her, so there were no plans for a second child. Andrew's family never approved of the Abernathy ways and there were more than a few people that said he should move back home to Britain and get Julia and Jessamine away from the weirdos.

xxxxxSadly when Jessamine was 16 her mother was killed in an incident that even the authorities couldn't figure out and Jessamine had witnessed it.. Andrew gave into pressure from his family and returned to London and took his daughter with him. What they didn't notice right away was that Jessamine had started to see things, Ghosts to be more specific. She was able to see them all the time. No off or on switch. When she was 18 she managed to somehow get herself bonded to her Ghost Ally, Logan. He's a bit of an asshole. But he's her asshole.

xxxxxThe Abernathy family barely got to see her before she was 22 and she moved back home to Fallcoast. She finished college there and then was accepted to a culinary school in France. She studied there and also did some occult research while she was in Paris into Avernian Gates and things. That's when her and a group of friends and herself found out the hard way. She got trapped and barely made it back to the land of the living. So now she knows how to get in and out of the Underworld. But she doesn't go alone.

xxxxxNow that she's back home in Fallcoast she does her best to try to run her bakery and try to keep up on the local occult scene. So far it's been good. But she's sure she's going to get into something spooky sooner or later.


  • Gatekeeper She can access Avernian Gates.
  • Ghosts Yes please.
  • Folk Magic One of her accomplishments before her First Change.
  • Abernathy Yes, she’s in the spooky family.


  • Akio: The Monkey King. Texter. New friend and found me first.