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“Never trust a species that grins all the time. It's up to something.”

– Terry Pratchett


xxxxxJaymee was born in Australia to Japanese and Brazilian parents. An enthusiast for wildlife and the preservation of natural beauty, she has a degree in Aquatic Zoology and a penchant for causing trouble for humans who don't care for the world; though she does it with a cheerful smile.

xxxxxSummer 2016 - After a brief excursion to parts unknown, Jaymee is back and 'enjoying' the warm, tropical summer of Maine.

xxxxxSummer 2018 - After all these years in the cold of Maine, she's thinking about moving south. Miami maybe?

RP Hooks
  • Australian - From the land Down Under...where women glow.
  • Animal Trainer - Trains animals the proper way so there may be some employment there.
  • Singer - She'd love to give it a go. Don't worry, she's not /that/ folky.
  • University Educated - She has a degree. A little one...from a minor university (University of North Queensland)
  • Diver - Need salvage done?
  • Marina Work - Jaymee can even do science so if there's any research groups needing an employee, she's your woman.

Changing Breeds

  • Oceanborn - Anyone else enjoy long midnight swims?
  • Sun-Chaser - Happy to bring some warmth into lives.
  • Troublemaker - Not afraid to let humans know they're doing wrong. Violence is an option.



The Breeds

Helga - She's on a boat! Police dog - I promise I don't break the law. Much.

Nate - It literally is like herding cats, right? Don't worry. I'll listen. Give me a call and we'll show those Pendragon bastards the error of their ways.

Tomi - Psycho psychiatrist but he's nice enough to me.

The Others

The Departed

Anvil - A horse that enjoys splashing around. He's going to make me a movie star! Except he ran off.

Bayley - Only a brief meeting but she does so much exercise that I get tired looking at her.

Brandon - A horse that works for Millicent. I think she keeps him sweaty. Must have worked him into the ground.

Diego - Not human...not with that stamina...but not one of us. He did own a big cage though :(

Ingram - Fellow warrior from way back. Hope he remembers me. He left so he must have.

Kitiara - Such a pretty kitty!

Kitsune - How cute is she!! Surfing buddy...once it stops snowing.

Kouri - Interesting...and I mean that in a nice way.

Lucy - I love that outfit! Do you think I'm too old to try it?

Marcus - The kind of guy who breaks into the YWCA. Must have got caught.

Millicent - Grumpy Cat - though only a kin. If only she would smile, though not I'm sure she knows how to.

Sheridan - Biker pussy. Umm...that sounded better in my head. I consider her a friend. Drove off.



Jaymee Watanabe 
In game as: Jaymee
Date of Birth: September 25, 1989
Apparent Age: Mid twenties
Occupation: None
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Lust
Striking Looks: ** Effervescent
Aww!!!: *****

Breed: Oceanborn
Species: Olutakami (Dolphin)
Band: None
Played By: Jessica Gomes

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