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“What's a philosopher?' said Brutha. Someone who's bright enough to find a job with no heavy lifting,' said a voice in his head." -Terry Pratchett, Small Gods

RP Hooks

  • Spirits!: Jake is tormented by spirits, linked to spirits has spirits all over him. He is constantly connected to the spirit world and is able to see and hear it. Much to his own dismay. If you have any spirit connections they may have spoken of him, they may know of him. Anyone with spirit related abilities or senses will easily detect Jake when he's there or even when he's passed by.
  • University: Jake went to and teaches at the local University. He mainly teaches psychology and sociology(primary) classes and the occasional Spanish course. Maybe you went to school with him, work with him or are dreading taking classes with the absent minded nut-ball professor.
  • Abernathy: Jake is one! In the market for brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts etc..etc.. character is old enough to have had children and an ex-wife or two is always a good foil.
  • Dog Owner!: Dogs are amazing!
  • Latin America: From Mexico to Argentina, Jake's been up and down the lower two thirds of the hemisphere.
  • Sociology/Psychology: Jake is a Sociologist, and middling Psychologist maybe you need one? Maybe you think he needs one.
  • Doctorate: It's a small club house, and they get all the greatest conventions. Do we know each other? Friends? Rivals? Worked on the same paper?




  • Coming Soon


  • The WONDER Corgi!

Date of Birth: One upon a time
Apparent Age: Early Forties
Occupation: Psychologist / Psych Professor
Virtue: Nooo!
Vice: Waaah!
Status: Dog owner


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