Izumiya Mika

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Izumiya Mika


Date of Birth: 7 May 1994
Apparent Age: 22
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Wrath

Covenant: Invictus
Clan: Mekhet
Bloodline: Khaibit


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  • Local: Mika was a local of the town of fallcoast for most of her life.
  • Gymnast: Before she was forced to quit for 'health reasons' Mika was a dedicated and talented gymnast, with potential and aspirations for the Olympic games. She still enjoys practicing and watching others in the sport where she can.
  • Baby Vampire: A new life is a new life...even if it's a dead one. Mika's a vampire, she needs blood to keep going. Compared to other bloodsuckers however, she's considered to be extremely young. Another Kindred or potential snack? All are welcome to RP with me!


Standing at a scant 5 foot 3 in a slim, athletic build this human's long hair is a deep black color, which glints a midnight blue in certain light and hangs down to her shoulders. Her skin is smooth and a beautiful light olive tone, which might be one's first clue as to her ethnicity. Wide and round eyes, which slant just a bit up like a cat towards the sides of her face add an exotic edge to her features. Her eyelashes are full and long, which add to the innocence of her appearance, even in spite of her deep, almost cobalt blue eyes. Her nose is straight and feminine with a slightly impish upturn at it's tip resting about her soft and full feminine lips.

Fitting snug around her neck is a black leather choker decorated with a faint silver embroidery that clings tightly to her throat almost like a leather ribbon.

Her shoulders are proportionate to her shape and size. She wears a black dress cut in the style of a sun dress, that covers her from just above her breasts to about knee length. The dress itself looks loose and easy to move in, with thin spaghetti straps that extend over each of her pretty shoulders. From the waist down the dress is flowy and light even with it's dark color, which contrasts nicely to her otherwise pale complexion. The hem of the dress ends just at the knee and moves as she does, perhaps giving off peeks at her thighs from time to time.


Bound by Blood
  • Ariah: Mentor and carer, brought wisdom and purpose to a scared little shadow.

Notable Statistics

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