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Immortals: House Rules


  • Minor Immortal Templates (except Wardens, who have their own rules) have aura an signifier that consists of opalescent streaks running throughout the aura; the older the immortal, the more of these streaks that are present. This is a reflection of the fact that, while still mostly human, they have altered themselves in a noticeable way to Supernatural senses.


  • Minor Immortal Templates may go through a Becoming to a Supernatural Template upon approval from Immortal staff and the staff of the Sphere they wish to Become into.
  • There is also some leeway in going from one type of Minor Immortal to another in certain situations - these must be approved by Immortal staff.

Becoming Purified

  • Purified Becomings - We'd like to see a well thought out plot of 2-3 scenes. Must be pre-approved by staff prior to being ran.
  • The potion used or the ritual performed is never the same for each Purified. To that end, no one is -required- to have their Purified PC appear to be in their early twenties. This is a deviation from the book in order to allow more varied concepts within the sphere.

Blood Bathers

Bath Ritual

  • Life Bound: Life Bound does not prevent you from dying, the ritual is the /only/ thing keeping you alive. Missing the renewal of your ritual means instant death, whereas the strict timeline Instant Death means you cannot do the ritual earlier or later. Since Instant Death trumps Life Bound for its restrictions, you may have one or the other, but not both.
  • Supernatural Blood: The following types of blood may be used for the bathing ritual - Possessed, Ferals, Mages, and Werewolves. Please note that you DO need to talk to the sphere staff in question here. Blood that cannot be used - Changelings (too alien), Purified (no life value), Sin-Eaters (no life value), or Vampires (no life value).
  • As a clarification on the Regeneration Effect, which states that all Bashing Damage is healed within 30 minutes, we have determined this to mean that a Blood Bather with this effect heals 1 Bashing every 4 minutes. This is based on an average Stamina of 2 and Health of 7. The Quick Healer merit does accelerate this, dropping the rate to 1 Bashing every 2 minutes. (Note: You may possess either the Quick Healer merit, or the Quick Healer Effect from your Bath. These do not stack.)

Body Thieves

Body Switching

  • Only non-statted NPCs can be taken over.
  • Permanent body switches should be +requested (Yes you can have a world-class boxer. No, his physical attributes probably aren't all at 5).
  • Temporary body switches only need a +request if there are physical mechanical requirements involved (like a combat scene, but not social).

Body Thief Merits

  • Active Amulets are represented by the number of Amulet 2 and Amulet 4 merits on a Body Thief's sheet.


  • Body Thieves who try to steal a body that is addicted to a substance will find themselves subject to the addiction. This includes a vampire's blood addiction.
  • Addicted Body thieves who jump into a non-addicted body aren't suddenly free of their addiction. If the addiction is a flaw, it can be bought off for 1/2 cost, as usual. If it's blood addiction or a blood bond, the Body Thief gets a roll in the same manner as a mortal trying to lose the addiction by going cold turkey gets a roll. In other words, use the existing system for escaping the addiction, but jump straight to the first attempt without the effort.
  • Body Thieves who jump into an addicted body have the same benefit: a chance to try to escape the addiction. However, they have to get their bodies clean, first, and this can be difficult. (Again, 1/2 cost).

Unseen Senses

  • Someone with Unseen Senses (Psychic Powers) may detect a Mentally Talented Body Thief if they are in the process of switching bodies, but will not reveal the source. Similarly, someone with Unseen Senses (Thaumaturgy) may detect a Magically Talented Body Thief if they are in the process of switching bodies, but will not reveal the source.


Damage / Death

  • No sort of damage will /kill/ an Eternal, as long as their object remains intact. They'll even recover from disintegration or dismemberment, beginning with the largest body bits remaining - or even from thin air if nothing remains. In the latter case, their body will slowly reform near their object.

Reinforce Ability

  • The ability of Eternals to Reinforce durability has the following clarifications:
    • Weapon durability does not affect +equipment bonus to damage.
    • Armor gains a +2/+1 if using the +2 version and a +1/+0 if using the +1 version.

Mage Paradox and Disbelief

  • ALL minor template Immortals who witness Awakened Magic will NOT cause Disbelief and Paradox. This is a new thing, so, prior to late February 2017, they were counted as Sleepers unless they had the Sleepwalker merit. After that date, all minor templates are NOT considered sleepers. More details can be read on the Mage HR page.


Akaschi Records Ability

  • Clarification: Akashic Records - The last line should read: "This skill lasts for one scene and cannot raise any of the character’s skills above five dots." rather than three dots.
  • Addition: Akashic Records - It can now be used to dig up languages that the PC used to know in their past lives. Still requires a Willpower expenditure to activate and lasts for a scene. You can focus on 3 languages during the scene. You must make a Intelligence+Composure roll when switching between languages.


  • Naturally Fluent: Reborn are able to purchase languages at a reduced cost of 1 for 1, instead of the normal merit xp cost. This is to represent many past lives and knowledge of many varying languages.
  • To do this, the command is +xpreq merit/Language:<language> to 1 for 1=Reborn Advantage.'

Sin Eaters: Morbid Reality

Blood Bathers

  • Sin-Eaters see both the 'real' age (i.e. how long as this body been in existence) and the 'false age' (i.e. what the body looks like).
  • They can tell which is which (obviously the former will always be higher than the latter) and can spend an action to concentrate and only see one or the other (eliminating distractions, etc., much in the same way they can shut out ghosts).
  • Spotting this difference in Blood Bathers who have performed their first Bathing in less than a month's time requires a Wits + Composure roll.


  • A Sin-Eater sees the Eternal's age at the moment their ritual was performed. After seeing them a few times, a Sin-Eater could ascertain that they haven't aged a single hour, much less a day, but it necessitates an Intelligence + Composure roll to remember the Eternal's age the last time the Sin-Eater saw them.
    • Example: If a Sin-Eater Carl looks at Eternal Olga and sees she is twenty-seven years, three months, four days, two hours old, he'd have to roll (unless he had the Eidetic Memory Merit) to remember that exact age two days later when he sees her again and sees she is exactly the same 'age'. Trained Memory is applicable only if the person activated it beforehand, as it is not passive like Eidetic Memory.
  • Observing an Eternal for over an hour will also let a Sin-Eater know the person is not aging.

Patchwork Persons

  • To a Sin Eater, a Patchwork Person appears to be of an indeterminate age as it fluctuates from younger to much older than the apparent age as it cycles through the various ages of the Patchwork's body parts.


  • A Sin-Eater sees the Purified's age at the moment their ritual was performed and they died. After seeing them a few times, a Sin-Eater could ascertain that they haven't aged a single hour, much less a day, no matter how much time has passed or how many times they have reformed their body, but it necessitates an Intelligence + Composure roll to remember the Purified's age the last time the Sin-Eater saw them. Observing an Purified for over an hour will also let a Sin-Eater know the person is not aging.


  • Sin-Eaters see both the 'real' age (i.e. how long as this body been in existence) and the 'false age' (i.e. what the body looks like). They can tell which is which (obviously the former will always be higher than the latter) and can spend an action to concentrate and only see one or the other (eliminating distractions, etc., much in the same way they can shut out ghosts). Spotting this difference in Wardens who have become immortal less than a month before requires a Wits + Composure roll.



  • Wardens are considered Supernatural within their territory only. Outside their territory, they appear as any other mortal/mortal+. Thus, Wardens count as 'supernaturals' in terms of being affected by Disbelief, Lunacy, etc., when inside their territory.
  • Within their territory only, a Warden's aura signifier consists of opalescent streaks running throughout the aura; the older the immortal, the more of these streaks that are present. A Warden aura also has an opalescent ring surrounding the aura.
  • Departing from the book, the debilitating effects of leaving their warded area do not set in for 24 hours. 24 hours is a hard limit on how long they may be away from their territory before being affected by the separation, after which they suffer the penalties and aging outlined in the book.


  • Cannot become a Thrall of any kind. Doing so will sever their tie with their Location Spirit and the Warden will instantly begin to age at a rate of one year per minute until their 'real' age catches up with their body.

Damage / Death

  • Do not die. They must wait the amount of time necessary to regenerate to a state where they would be "alive", at which time they will awaken if she is within their territory. Otherwise, they must be returned to their territory or remain dead.

Natural Affinity

  • The book definition is vague. By spending a Willpower point, a Warden may use up to their dots of Presence to increase or decrease the difficulty for themselves or others for rolls affecting/using the natural environment -- eg:
    • Warden Tom has Presence 3 and the NSA is storming his home. Tom spends WP, makes the underbrush dense for folks to walk through (thorns, briars, heavy growth) that gives them up to a -3 on their roll to keep walking/moving.
    • Warden Julie has Presence 4 and an urban Territory. Same scenario as Tom above, but her sidewalks buckle and crack, a manhole opens, or some such to explain the modifier.
    • Warden Pete has Presence 3 and is trying to hide in the shadow of a tree. He can spend WP and add 3 to his roll to hide OR subtract 3 from his adversary to spot him.
    • Warden Jane has Presence 2 and it's overcast today. She's looking for wabbits. She can add 2 to her roll to spot wabbits by withdrawing the shadows a bit around the bushes.

Mind's Eye

  • Each time a Warden uses their Mind's Eye ability, they are physically in a sort of trance -- no other actions may be taken as they clarivoyantly and clairaudibly extend their senses into any corner of their Territory and witness the goings on.
  • Note that this is NOT an automatic nor a 'full time' ability -- so if Fred and Sam pee on the trees and the Warden isn't actively watching them at the time, then it goes unnoticed save for the puddle afterwards.
  • Unless a Warden has some manner of piercing the Gauntlet and eyeballing the Other Side, Spirits will flow about as they often do. Their presence may be 'felt,' but not 'witnessed,' as the Warden may only extend senses they have into the Territory -- so if Joe and Bob widdle on the trees in Twilight, and the Warden has no ability to see/perceive Twilight? Even active use of Mind's Eye will turn up nothing.

Purified House Rules

Changeling Pledges

  • Purified are fully able to take part in and/or agree to Changeling Pledges like any other human being out there.

Crossing the Gauntlet with Items

  • It costs a point of essence for each item of power brought back from any other realm to the material realm, as per the book.
  • Any item of power taken out of the material realm with a Purified is possible, but it costs a point of essence per item.
  • The points of essence may be spent reflexively, but are limited by normal Chi-based maximum expenditures per round.

Demonic Pacts

  • Purified may not make demonic pacts.


  • Purified can only be detected as supernatural by the various methods to detect the supernatural when using their Siddhi, Numina, or by having their Aura successfully viewed and understood.

Ephemeral Form

  • A Purified's body will always return to the material world when separated from its spirit in the Shadow, unless the Purified has a Shadow Sanctum to leave its body in.

Spirit Form

  • Purified have spirit stats for all of the following:
    • Numina rolls
    • Resistance rolls that specify spirit stats (should generally only come up out of body)
    • The Fetish Creator merit
    • Purified in Spirit form follow the guidelines for Spirit Traits in God-Machine Chronicles
The Formula: Scores are always rounded down to the given integer value. (5.1 becomes 5, 5.9 becomes 5)
Power= (Intelligence + Strength + Presence)/3 + Chi
Finesse= (Wits + Dexterity + Manipulation)/3 + Chi
Resistance= (Resolve + Stamina + Composure)/3 + Chi

Spirit Rank

  • Purified gain Spirit Rank as they rise in Chi.
    • Chi 1 - 2 = Rank 2
    • Chi 3 - 4 = Rank 3
    • Chi 5 = Rank 4


  • Loci acquisition involves multiple spheres so such requests take longer to process, and involve a PrP; You no longer purchasable merit for this.
  • We don't have Mobile Loci's here.


Artifacts or Imbued Items

  • Purified may not purchase Artifacts or Imbued Items.

Embodied Familiars (••••)

  • Purified may now purchase Embodied Familiars. These are 4-dot Familiars, following the same rules as those found on P.109-110 of Second Sight for creation.

Essence Reservoir (• to ••)

  • The only limitation on whether or not an Essence Reservoir traverses realms with a Purified is whether or not the Purified is in contact with it.
  • If the Essence Reservoir is destroyed before, or at the same time, as a Purified's body, they are permanently destroyed and do not cross over with a Purified's spirit.
  • If the Purified is not in contact with at least some part of an item (the strap of a necklace connected to an Essence Reservoir counts as in contact), it does not travel with the Purified.

Fetish (• to •••••)

  • Fetishes cost full price if you want to buy them outright. If they are crafted by a PC using the crafting rules, then the cost is reduced by the rank of the fetish.
  • You can create as many Fetishes in a month as you want.
  • Activating a Fetish: You activate a fetish by rolling Power + Finesse -(Fetish level) OR spending 1 Essence. The Fetish may have extra cost restrictions that add to this. Extra costs must always be paid.
  • Talens: You are limited to 9 Talens a month - This is a balancing issue, so as not to flood the game with Talens.

Fetish Creator (••••)

  • Fetish Creators are limited to Power + Chi + Applicable Modifiers (found in WtF Core, pg. 149) total rolls. Fetish Creators may also benefit from Modifiers to their individual rolls as found in WtF Core, pg. 162.
  • Purified without the Fetish Creator merit may only acquire up to one fetish per month, whether through a Fetish Creator or regular XP purchase +request. Talens, however, may only be acquired through Fetish Creators since they cost no XP.
  • Note: These rules are subject to change if the state of the fetish/talen economy requires it.

Language (First Tongue) (•)

  • Purified automatically know the inhuman language of spirits. They can understand and speak to all spirits as easily as they can understand and speak to someone fluent in their native tongue. The only limitation on this ability is that Purified who speak to spirits while occupying their physical bodies must speak aloud, if only in a whisper.(Immortals, p99)
  • This is represented by Language (First Tongue) on the +sheet

Null Merit (••••)

  • The Null Merit affects Purified: A Purified will feel uncomfortable around a null and it costs 2 Essence to use a power around a Null.

Totems (Purified) (• to •••••)

  • Purified can create totems due to their connection with Spirits. Instead of having to battle a spirit they can convince one to bind to them as the spirits part of the deal is that it will be able to reside in the physical plane.
  • Characters will be able to choose a Totem for the Individual or a Totem to be shared with other Purified (An Amarant). They can not have both at the same time.
  • The totem creation process will follow the Werewolves Totem Creation guideline. More information can also be found on Werewolf the Forsaken, pg. 188.
  • Individual (Solo) Totems: These are totems linked to the user only and must be labeled as such along with the Totem's name. These can not be converted into a group Totem and have to be released before a group totem can be connected to. All totem dots need to be purchased by the individual.
  • Amarant (Group) Totems: These are totems shared with other Purified and must be labeled as such along with the Totem's name. When forming a group, the members of the group gain 2 free totem dots to contribute to the totem creation.
  • XP Cost: Totems cost a flat 3xp per dot.
  • Note: This does not mean that Purified can form packs with Werewolves. The creation of a Purified Totem will be for Purified only.

Unseen Sense (•••)

  • Purified Unseen Senses work as follows:
    • They sense the presence of any phenomena related to spirits or the Shadow Realm, as well as the active use of all unseen forces. This includes Numina use.
    • With a successful Wits + Composure roll may also sense nearby Loci or Verges as well as their Resonance.
    • Any Supernatural power use in their presence may be sensed (except, of course, for those effects that are being cloaked, such as Mage Prime cloak), though they won't sense the Supernatural creature itself.
      • Example: You can sense a Gift being activated, but not the Werewolf - this power cannot be used to pinpoint other Supers in a crowd.
    • Psychic and Thaumaturgical phenomena may also be sensed, including active powers like wards.
    • This is represented by Unseen Sense (Active Powers), and Unseen Sense (Spirit & Shadow Realm)


  • See Numina for House Rules & Clarifications regarding Numina.



  • Each level of power in this Siddhi is an Extended and Contested Action, rather than an Instant and Contested Action.
  • Purified may be summoned if they are Projecting or otherwise out of their physical body.


  • To ward an area permanently the Purified needs to submit a +request including who will be doing the warding and making the spends, as well as who will be exempt from the effects. Please note that willpower spends must come from the immortal responsible for the ward.
  • The willpower spent is a permanent willpower, not a temporary willpower. This willpower may not be bought back for the duration of the ward. When the ward fades, the player may make the choice to recast the ward, or have their willpower point returned.
  • The warder must also make the reflexive roll at the time of casting, which will be noted in the ward +notes.
  • Purified Wards remain active for 30 days as per the book or until the physical markers tied to the ward are disturbed.
Ward Against Magic (Siddhi Ward ••)
  • Possessed attempting to activate a Lesser or Greater Vestment that does not have an activation roll within the ward, or effects people within the ward must first roll their Demon's Power attribute against the Warder's Reflexive Roll.
  • If the roll is successful the Vestment works without penalty, failure means it does not effect those within the ward. Innate Vestments are not affected by Purified Wards due to their nature.