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Immortal: By Decade
This is a list of various places that Immortal PCs were. Feel free to add locations for your character that you'd like to use as hooks.

To add a character's location, just put the following in the table and fill it in as appropriate.

| Year || City/Country || [[Character]] || Any relevant notes

Year Country Character Notes
417 Ireland Domhnall Born; Oileán Thúr Rí, Ulster
433 Ireland Domhnall Undergoes Purification ritual
500 Britain Domhnall Floated around England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland; worked primarily as a mercenary.
525 French/Spanish border Tyson Born.
531 France Tyson Orphaned.
548 France Tyson Works out a way to bind his life to an object. Becomes Eternal.
800 Scandanavia Domhnall Took an interest in these strange Viking people invading his home; found common ground in hating Christians. Went to visit.
900 France Domhnall Circled back to Normandy after Duke Rollo was granted land there. Elected to not go back to England when William subsequently invaded. Wandered around Western Europe for a couple of centuries.
1216 Ireland Aisling Born
1257 Japan Tomoe Miyata Born
1300 Japan Tomoe Miyata Became a Purified Immortal
1300's France Tyson Meets Yun during the 100 years wars. Long term friendship established.
1515 Japan Tomoe Miyata Cursed by a Spirit and lost her Memories
1785 Fallcoast, Maine Tyson Arrives to no fuss, and little fanfare, and sets up a small shop.
1792 Mississippi Shadrach Born a slave on a plantation
1802 London Annabelle Born (under the name of Lady Alice Nordstrade) to the British peerage.
1826 Italy Angie Born (under the name of Lady Francesca Romanoff)
1827 Mississippi Shadrach Became an Eternal and fled the plantation
1840 London Annabelle Makes her first switch to the body and identity of Dowager Countess Celestina Warham, wealthy widow.
1847 Italy Angie Commits suicide to become an Etermal.
1853 Romania Jesse Born Toma Stanislavescu
1860 France Angie Moves to France under the name Lady Adelaide Napolean
1874 Fallcoast, Maine Howell Davis Born
1880 Spain Angie Moves to Spain under the name Lady Mary Gomez
1890 Kent, England Annabelle Makes the switch to Lady Lucy Hanover, the employed companion of her last identity.
1900 Greece Angie Moves to Greece Lady Rena Caser
1910 England-United States Annabelle Lucy departs for New York with a young aid, takes on her identity, kills of the former body, arrives in New York as Maddie Smith, a wealthy heiress.
1915 Romania Jesse Becomes Purified
1919 France Adrien Born
1919 France Jesse Travels Europe, maintaining a residence in Paris with Godric Ritter
1920 Sweden Angie Moves to Sweden Lady Elsa Holland
1923 Fallcoast, Maine Howell Davis Discovered and underwent The Surgery
1937 Cape Town, South Africa Howell Davis Arrives in South Africa to continue research and study the supernatural
1940 Romania Jesse Returns to Bucharest to become part of the Romanian Resistance
1940 Italy Angie Moves to Italy under the name Lady Teresa Gotti
1941 France Adrien Created Eternal Object
1942 Transnistria (now Ukraine) Jesse Gets arrested, sent to prison camp where he becomes the subject of medical experiments
1943 USSR (now Russia) Jesse Flees to Moscow, is recruited by the KGB
1956 South Africa Adrien Painted scenes of Oppression
1957 Cuba Jesse Spends time in Havana doing things the KGB disavows to this day
1960 South Africa Adrien Met Howell Davis
1960 South Africa Howell Davis Met Adrien
1960 France Angie Moves to France under the name Damia Versace
1964 Paris, France Howell Davis Arrives in France, following up rumors of Victor Frankenstein's diary
1966 Paris, France Howell Davis First encounter with Cheiron Group, he loses an arm during the pursuant escape
1966 Budapest, Hungary Howell Davis Arrives in Hungary, fleeing from Cheiron agents
1969 Chania, Greece Howell Davis Arrives in Greece, fleeing from Cheiron agents
1970 Vietnam Adrien Journalist during Vietnam War
1979 Izmir, Turkey Howell Davis Arrives in Turkey, fleeing from Cheiron agents
1980 Greece Angie Moves to Greece under the name Tatiana Rozenski
1982 Istanbul, Turkey Howell Davis Successfully fakes his death, leading his pursuers to believe he has perished and severing the trail
1982 Carrefour, Haiti Howell Davis Arrives in Haiti, as much for research purposes as for a vacation
1991 Los Angeles Jesse Slips away from the KGB, becomes petty criminal and con artist
1995 Japan Tomoe Miyata Broke the Curse, begins her retraining.
2000 Spain Angie Moves to Spain under the name Rosa Garcia
2003 New York City Jesse Insinuates himself into high society, coasts on expensive gifts and sleepovers
2010 Sweden Angie Moves to Sweden under the name Olivia Wendell
2011 Mississippi Jesse Is placed in the East Mississippi State Hospital after a judge declares him mentally unstable
2015 Fallcoast Tomoe Miyata Arrives in Fallcoast
2015 Fallcoast Jesse Arrives in Fallcoast under the assumed identity of Jesse Byrne, licensed social worker
2016 Fallcoast Howell Davis Arrives in Fallcoast, establishes the Fallcoast Regional Medical Center
2016 Fallcoast Adrien Arrives in Fallcoast
2016 Fallcoast Annabelle Makes the jump into the body of Annabelle Mayhue, native of Fallcoast, Maine. Annabelle seems to inherit a fortune from an old money family connection she was unaware of.
2016 Fallcoast Angie Moves to Fallcoast under the name Angelica "Angie" Monroe
2017 Fallcoast Haywood Soul bound into teleportation buffer becoming one of the Eternal.