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The Immortal sphere is one lacking a central hierarchy, or some sworn secrecy, and one with a diversity of types and backgrounds. Because of this, we highly encourage cross-sphere RP where it's welcome. Immortals shine when in juxtaposition to the other creatures of the world of darkness. They're old, they're really hard to get rid of, but they're still ostensibly human - usually.

Immortal staff is here to help! Please open a job or send an @mail if you need anything at all!

Immortal Staff

Rules and Systems

Local Immortals

Purified Characters

Blood Bather Characters

            Body Thief Characters

                Eternal Characters

                      Patchwork People Characters


                      Reborn Characters

                          Warden Characters


                          Character Generation

                          • Immortal is currently open.

                          Chargen Guidelines

                          IC Becomings

                          For Becomings, speak to Immortal staff for some possible PrP Runners and submit a job once one has been found for consideration. At this time, all Mortal and Mortal+ templates are free to apply to Become Immortal with the exception of Fae-Touched. However, no character with a Supernatural Template will be allowed to ICly Become Purified. The potion or ritual, for whatever reason, simply does not -work- for them.


                          • Purified (Supernatural template) - Become part spirit, part man, dwelling in both worlds forever.
                          • Blood Bathers (Mortal+ template) - Bathe in blood and gain power.
                          • Body Thieves (Mortal+ template) - Jump into a new body when your old one gets worn out.
                          • Eternals (Mortal+ template) - Store a bit of yourself in art, and live forever.
                          • Reborn (Mortal+ template) - Live and die again and again and never forget a thing.
                          • Patchwork People (Mortal+ template) - Fight death through technology.
                          • Wardens (Mortal+ template) - You are tied to an area. Possibly forever.

                          Wanted Concepts

                          • None At This Time

                          Banned Concepts

                          • Hunter Immortals
                          • Harvesters
                          • Visitors
                          • Wardens - Restricted at this time