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xxxxxShe Immigrated years ago into America and has been working hard to get as far as she has by providing Tech Support and working in an Office. At night she tends to moonlight as a Social and Eco Hacker, usually not getting any sleep, and being a bother to anyone online that thinks that they are untouchable or where they ruin nature and/or break promises or contracts. Usually her Hacker antics leave her targets with no real damage, but with a lot of bother that takes man hours to clean up and fix. Meanwhile at Day she tends to fix those same issues of people that called Geek Squad and got forwarded to her.

  • Computer Fixing
    Need someone to clean your computer from Spyware, Botware, and any other thing that makes you want to shoot it in the head to relieve it of its suffering? Call her and she can fix it. She even does Hardware changes..
  • Hacktivist
    In the White and Gray Hat circles is she known as "Yeou jeongsin". Which literally translates to Fox Spirit. She is known to after people with quite a vengeance when they destroy natural habitats or endanger animals.
  • Korean/Chinese
    She's mix of two nationalitites that do not like each other all too much.
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous
    She is quite beautiful. She is not one for clubs and much prefers to stay in her hacker Den, but she always so often elusively makes her way out.
  • Take a Gamble, read the future.
    Take a gamble. See what the future holds for you. Risk life and limb, from the lowest of the lowest, to the highest of the highest. Fame, fortune, or misery and despair are in your reach. If you have nothing to loose, then whats stopping you from trying to gain everything? And if you have everything, then surely won't be avert to a little risk.

About them.
About them.
About them.
    Beautiful, Distant

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    "I can't start repenting at my time of life. I'd never get any work done. Anyway, I ain't sorry for most of it."

    “I wouldn't say I'm the best, but I can't think of anyone better, I have to say.”

    "When you break rules, break 'em good and hard."

    "Why wait for Karma to fuck someone up, when you can be karma yourself, and fuck them up twice as bad?"

    "My function is to break taboos, create mischief, stir things up. In the end, the I give people what they really want, some sort of freedom."

    "I might be your friend, but please, don't ever assume that I am your ally."

    "The Trickster holds secrets in trust and deceives men and gods alike to show the wisdom of humility. Likewise, he often fools himself and so learns by his own defeat. The Trickster must gain by his wits that which cannot be had by either erudition or the sword. He is the scout, the trailblazer, the one who forges the path for more traditional, constrained minds to follow in his wake. He liberates his people from stagnation and teaches them by the pain he causes, pain which, like a broken bone, mends all the stronger for the suffering it begets. He is a lover and a thief, often at the same time. He laughs even when he fails, for he knows there is a lesson in it. The Trickster must be swift, for he knows that there are those who do not appreciate what he has to show them. These, he taunts and infuriates until they learn or are destroyed by their own impotent rage."

    "The early bird gets the worm, and the early fox gets the bird."

    "Wolves and foxes tend not to get along. Not just in fables and stories."

    "All Tales and Myths are true, few are accurate."

    "If the Tiger dies the Wolf rules the Forest. If the Wolf dies then the Mutt rules. What do I care for titles of no significence?"

    "Be Bold enough to use your voice, Brave enough to listen to your heart, and stroing enough to live the life you always imagined."

    "Worry less, smile more. Don't regret, just learn and grow."

    "Let's be perfectly clear, shall we. The fox is not a little orange puppy dog with doe eyes and a waggly tail. It's a disease-ridden wolf with the morals of a psychopath and the teeth of a great white shark."

    "Respect the sacredness of all things. Do not provoke the spirits, for they are everywhere and in everything."

    "Honor the resting place of the dead, or risk them dishonoring your life."

    "Your hatred is but a a trinket to my treasure trove of lament!"

    "Etch the name Hyun into the scythe of my execution, madam, for the blood of my sacrifice shall bear glorious fruit which you shall choke on!"

    "I have consulted with Anubis! He reared his bejeweled jacket jaw at me and proclaimed 'Never have I beheld such a poor, lost and forgotten soul. EVER!' "I am only 5 minutes late Hyun."

    "A clever person is never bored, and a bored person is never clever. But though I am sly, I am a trickster, I am even cruel—I cannot lie."

    “A persistent liar cannot prosper without a powerful memory."

    “A company of wolves, is better than a company of wolves in sheep's clothing.”

    “I am looking for the one I can’t fool.”

    "If there was a trick, there must be a trickster."

    "She was beautiful, that was always affirmed, but her beauty was hard to fix or to see, for she was always glimmering, flickering, melting, mixing, she was the shape of a shapeless flame, she was the eddying thread of needle-shapes in the shapeless mass of the waterfall. She was the invisible wind that hurried the clouds in billows and ribbons. You could see a bare tree on the skyline bent by the wind, holding up twisted branches and bent twigs, and suddenly its formless form would resolve itself into that of the trickster."

    "See the mighty trees, the strong bones of my body! The rustling of the leaves is my laughter, the swaying grass is the hair on my back. The rock and stones, powerful teeth of mine! My blood, the water cursing through, and not to forget my ever watching eyes, the sun and the moon!"

    "I helped place those stars in the sky you know. I saw the great spirit putting them there, one by one, and I thought to myself 'How boring that must be!' and so in my Wisdom I offered to help and I began to paint the night sky with wonderful pictures of all the animals. But I am too wise and clever to be entertained by such menial tasks for all too long, and so I threw all the starts into the sky and ran about my business. But in all my Wisdom I forgot to make a picture of myself, and now I howl every night in sadness at the firmament!"


    Hyun Headshot.jpeg

    "Clever as the Devil, and twice as pretty.”
    vital statistics
    Full Name: Hyun Jeong
    Birthdate: '85
    Apparent Age: Middle Thirties
    Occupation: Office Lady
    Virtue: Integrity
    Vice: Lust
    Sphere: Changing Breeds
    Accord: Root Weaver
    Breed: Laughing Strangers
    Species: Fox
    Coterie: None yet.
    "It is very hard to be human. Even the humans themself don't do a great job at it."
    Notable Stats
    Striking Looks ••
    Striking Voice
    Presence ••••
    “If cats looked like frogs we'd realize what nasty, cruel little bastards they are. Style. That's what people remember.”
    Computers Hacking
    “I have a pragmatic attitude to the truth; I tell it if it is convenient and I can't be bothered to make up something more interesting.”
    Mmmm, Music.

    Simon Viklund - Break the Rules

    You and I, Breaking free of our prisons
    We defy, The control of the system
    The thunder's growing louder in our hearts
    A storm is rising, this is where it starts!
    It's not our thing to walk the road that's paved
    We're not the ones who roam the trail that's blazed
    And there's a flame in your eyes that's igniting mine
    I know I've seen it before
    In the gaze of the prowling lion
    I'm not afraid anymore!
    Don't brake, let loose
    And make sure that your heart is in it
    Let's break the rules!
    And really put our backs into it
    Max out, pursue it
    What's a better time than now to cross the line

    Heather Dale - Black Fox

    So they chased him over the valley and they chased him over the fields
    And they chased him down to the riverbank, but never would he yield
    And he's jumped into the water, and he's swum to the other side
    And he's laughed so loud that the green woods shook
    He's turned to the huntsmen and he's cried:
    "Ride on, my gallant Huntsman... when must I come again?
    For you should never want for a fox to chase all over the glen
    And when your need is greatest, just call upon my name
    And I will come and you shall have the best of sport and game."

    Maga x JVLA x Zupay - Animality

    Stratovarius - Eagleheart

    Stratovarius - I walk to my own Song

    Cains Offering - Child of the Wild