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“Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it.”

– Frances Wright


xxxxxHypatia has lived in Fallcoast since her birth sometime in the sixties. A local and public figure, she teaches at the local university and has written books on both the history of law and social issues. A member of the Silver Ladder, she was chosen as the Mastigos Councilor after serving years as Provost under the likes of Paul whose tenure as Councilor ended with controversy and him being removed from office.

Hypatia practices law, however, her pro-bono style isn't buying her any Lexuses any time soon. Viewed as a do-gooder in mortal circles and a bit pragmatic in Supernal ones, it is no secret that Hypatia has dealt with her own set of hurtles as a transgender woman who transitioned in the mid nineties.

She is a traditional member of the Vox Draconis who believes in Supernal Consensus and seems to solicit for her Path's opinion rather frequently. xxxxx

  • To accurately represent her Path in matters of the Consilium no matter her personal opinion, which she holds equal to the others', not greater.
Hypatia NPC.jpg
Run By: Storyteller
Date of Birth: February 20th, 1964
Apparent Age: Early 50s
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Envy

Path: Mastigos
Order: Silver Ladder
Legacy: Unknown
Cabal: TBD
Status: Mastigos Councilor

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