Hwan-yeong (NPC)

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“For visions come not to polluted eyes.”

– Mary Howitt


xxxxxHwan-yeong- Ghost -is a local Acanthus member of the Free Council. He's not particular renowned in either the consilium or the Free Council. He's just a dude that happens to have cosmic powers over Fate and Time.

Noteable Events
RP Hooks
  • Visions
  • Acanthus
  • Free Council
  • Sage: Izimbali is always dependable when something needs turned into paste.
  • Sand: So, like, need something to help the visions? Hit up Sand.
  • Michael: Yes, I know, the low low price of only $29.99 an hour.
  • Alex: Shoot or run. Stop asking questions!
Run By: Nikki
Apparent Age: Twenties
Occupation: Starving Musician

Path: Acanthus
Order: Free Council

Lorde - Red Yellow Flicker Beat

Now people talk to me,
I'm slipping out of reach.
People talk to me,
And all their faces blur.
I got my fingers laced together,
and I'm making,
A little prison and,
I'm locking up everyone,
Whoever laid a finger on me.
  • (2015.12.12)
Red Yellow Flicker
  • (2015.12.18)
Two Mimics for the Price of One
  • (2016.02.05)
Three Zombies for Post Valentine's
  • (2016.07.18)
PrP: A Terraquous Pond