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– Hush

Through The Eyes of an Irraka,

xxxxx We're killing strangers, so we don't kill the one's that we love. I don't know who told you that being a werewolf was some romantic fairy tale that ends with Happily Ever After. Whoever said that shit needs to pop some cyanide. There is no 'Happily Ever After', don't you get it? In this World of Darkness, there's no salvation, there's no goodness, there's no one you can trust - because you can't even trust yourself not to fall into bed with a monster; or to not rip your girlfriend's arm off, because your fucking pants don't fit anymore. Why do I do it? Seriously? To die. Luna turned me into this...Thing. She put that THING inside of me, She woke It up. The Primal Urge. Here's the deal, boys and girls -- kill as many of Her enemies as you can before you die, and maybe, just maybe, when your soul is spat back into this world; She won't call on you again. She'll leave you alone, ignorant, naive, left in the World of Light where we deserve to be. I don't know who the fuck you've met that told you we're The Good Guys in the story. We're murderers. Sure, you might not see it, you might not hear about it, but it happens. I stabbed a man yesterday. Know what he did to me? Nothing. Not a thing. He just had a Thing sticking to his back like an Evil Monkey. I'll tell you what else, you think The Pure a--

This isn't your mom's fantasy-smut novel where the Good Guy wins and gets the girl. Every man for himself, in this World of Darkness, just sometimes, The Enemy is your friend.

RP Hooks
  • Assassin and Photographer. This Blade-Wolf tries to find balance somewhere between.
  • Except it never works, and Hide fucks it up. Hide is brutal, savage, bloody, messy, and without a doubt either the rudest monster you will ever meet - or the most condescending.
  • Mental Illness: It's a big theme with these two - Hide and Hush - and your encounter with him will surely reveal that, and the terror of being around such an unpredictable person.
  • Blade-Wolf: The Lodge of Arms. Beaut'. The Knife. The Blade. The-Most-Beautiful. Beaut' is Hush's True Love, she is his Firstborn Child, his Mother, his Sister, and his only friend.
  • Unwilling Uratha: He -enjoyed- living in The World of Light, and then, because of The Pure - or The Forsaken - he was dragged, kicking and screaming into The World of Darkness.
  • Are you a Spirited-One (Immortal), Changing Breed, or Uratha that has heard in First Tongue of this Odd Wolf? Izhi Hespar Hissu, or is it Dar Hissu Hespar? Or...some inbetween? Hush's Rite-Name is seemingly interchangeable; yet carries different meaning however it is said: It is the Aspect-Word (Dar or Izhi) that matters most when referring to One or the Other.


  • Seraphine Priestess of the Dead. She makes Hush more stable, at the cost of also distracting him from his surroundings. Hide thinks it's been a long time since he's eaten Cajun food. The Most Beautiful finds her to be an acceptable sacrifice, and has rewarded Her Good Boy for it.
  • Evelyn Eve. She has offered something important to Hush; a Safe Place, for that he is grateful - and eternally sorry. Hide hasn't found her yet. The Most Beautiful has demonstrated her terrible and subtle power.
  • Marjorie Mars, Goddess of Murder. Her personality reminds Hush of Beaut', but her actions remind him of his birth-mother. Hide has yet to find this person. The Most Beautiful holds her in a sort of contempt, and vain admiration of character - to Johnny's dismay.
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Date of Birth: August 22nd
Apparent Age: 30
Occupation: Freelance Photographer
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Sloth

Auspice: Irraka
Tribe: Iron Masters
Lodge: Lodge of Arms
Pack: None
Rite Name: Hespar Hissu/Hissu Hespar



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