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The Ascending Ones (CONSPIRACY)

250px The Ascending Ones have existed since Ancient Egypt. Over thousands of years they have developed elixirs to aid in their various missions. The Ascending Ones do not wish to just slay the monsters they also want to hide knowledge of them from the populace and help the creatures redeem themselves. Another major part of the Conspiracy is acting as intermediaries between hostile groups to prevent wars and come to peaceful solutions. All while high on the drugs they produce.

The Ascending Ones


  • Elixirs are a large part of the Ascending Ones and they can give the impression that Hunters from this Conspriacy are often stoned out of their minds. What the drugs really do, of course, is open new avenues of existance and wisdom.
  • The Ascending Ones try to be unbiased diplomats when they think they are needed. They may not be wanted by either party in dispute but they will still do their best to find a peaceful solution. This does not mean that an Ascending One knows any more about monsters and Hunters to assist this than anyone else, just that they have an urge to find peace if they can.
  • They are a hierarchical organisation, much like a criminal business, but they are not as intertwined internationally like other Conspriracies are. While a TFV may be able to call an office in Moskva, an Ascending One would have to work hard to find a fellow Conspiracy member there.
  • An Ascending One deals in elixirs and they are very easy to confuse for illegal drugs, certainly by the Law. Be careful not to be too open in offering 'medicinal aid'. Of course, many Ascending Ones also /do/ operate illegal drug rings do raise money for their real work and to hide some unique ingredients amongst the hash and cocaine.

The Ascending Ones IC

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Becoming an Ascending One

To Become an Ascending One a PC should have an interest or leaning to a pharmaceutical view of life. Becomings could focus on the PC discovering a new drug on the streets that leads back to the Darkness (and the Ascending Ones). Despite their stoner reputation, Ascending Ones are an organized group - almost akin to an illicit drug cartel - and there is a hierarchy. Therefore new Hunters can be expected to start as street level operatives - whether dealing, manufacturing, investigating or otherwise learning about the new world.

PCs can expect their manufacturing skills to be part of their induction - an ability to construct a basic elixir is necessary to be an Ascending One and can be part of the scenes run. Other Ascending Ones PCs or the NPC are available for this.

Theme Song


Elixir - see Hunter/Endowments for details.

Elixirs replenish between game sessions, per the Sanctity of Merits.

Normally an Ascending One can only have a number of Elixir dots equal to the PCs 'Endowment (Elixir) + Ascending One Status'. They may increase this number by buying the “Additional Elixirs” Merit. This Merit has no upward limit, and simply allows access to further Elixirs.

When brewing/ingesting an elixir, on a Dramatic Failure, the Ascending One suffers a poison with a Toxicity equal to the Elixir’s dot rating, instead of a Toxicity 2 poison.

House Rules

Conspiracies do not allow any Mortal+.


IMPORTANT: To be a member of a faction you must have at least one dot in the skill that the specialty applies to. People in that faction automatically get the relevant specialty because all of their operatives are expected to need it through the work they do. Therefore, since you cannot have a specialty without a dot in the skill attached, PCs should have the relevant skill when selecting a faction.

Name Description Specialty
Southern Temple Mystics. Hermits. Alchemists Occult:Alchemy
Knife of Paradise The merciful Hunters. Monsters can know salvation. Academics:Religion
Jagged Crescent The users. Streetwise:Territory



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