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Task Force: Valkyrie (CONSPIRACY)

Created in the US in 1865, Task Force Valkyrie is now a global organisation with numerous countries contributing to expenses – though usually only, barely, enough to support their own. TFV are tasked with controlling the flow of information about the ‘Other’ so as not to alarm the citizens of the world.

There are two ways to do this. There are the fabled Men in Black who show up after an incident to cover it up, remove evidence and make sure any witnesses forget everything they saw. And there are the doorkickers, the heavily armed squads whose job it is to resist when the aliens/demons/extra-dimensional beings get physical.

Playing a TFV Agent


  • TFV is an undercover paramilitary organisation funded at the highest levels of the government – both in the United States and other countries. It does not flaunt itself to the general public or media. It does not drive tanks down the street and its members do not have illegal arsenals in their bedrooms.
  • There are two elements operating – Loki (Men in Black and covert) and Thor (Rapid response and high intensity combat). They are not mutually exclusive and TFV agents can go on missions with both teams if required. It is merely that members of these respective elements have had special training in their main focus. PCs are expected to lean their RP to one or the other...and denote which element they belong to as part of Chargen...but no one will be denied the ability to play any particular kind of scene.
  • Cells can be made with Agents of either element or even both elements. It might be handy for a Loki to be on hand to clean up a Thor's mess for example.
  • The cover for TFV in Fallcoast is Midgard Shipping which operates from the airport. Some agents may live on ‘base’ if they wish though most are expected to live within the community to perpetuate their cover.
  • TFV Agents do not have to work for Midgard. They can have other cover occupations in the community if they are beneficial to their real employment – perhaps working in the police or media – and are able to accommodate sudden absences.
  • TFV is a paramilitary organisation made up of the best of the best from, usually, military or police backgrounds. This means there is discipline, heavy training, ranks to be respected and the expectation of orders being obeyed. Though initiative is prized in agents, being a lone wolf is not and if an agent encounters an incident they should do their best to inform their superiors and to request back-up /before/ getting too heavily involved.
  • TFV agents should avoid getting into conflict with local police or government. Though the TFV do have ‘pull’ when needed it should not be used to demand a police officer to leave a scene (for example). Use your cunning, training and tools to ensure that an incident is explained and/or cleaned-up without losing your cover.
  • The TFV is subject to government budget cuts just like any other organisation. Though you will probably have jaunts all around the world to deal with threats, don’t expect high pay, a decent pension or a nice house to stay in. That’s some of the reasons you have a cover job.

Task Force Valkyrie IC


Midgard Shipping - The official TFV base in the Fallcoast area. Equipped with transport aircraft for worldwide intervention as well as helicopters and smaller planes for local patrol. Its cover is as a functioning import/export business - anyone can ask them to fly something somewhere. Hopefully it doesn't coincide with an alien invasion.

Located at Midgard Shipping is the Task Force Valkyrie depot (aka +Lair 6). This is a Conspiracy level +lair, not a Cell level one, and all TFV agents have access - after spending 2xp on buying Safe Place 1. This is a compulsory spend.


Becoming A Task Force Valkyrie

To Become a TFV agent requires extensive assessment of a PCs physical skills and mental capacities. Most TFV agents are recruited from the military or law professions because they understand taking orders, discretion and can be expected to have some degree of physical/combat skills. So much so that the latter is probably the least important aspect to be assessed. Potential recruits will be placed in situations where they can be both judged at resolving it and what they do afterwards - do they keep it to themselves, cover it up, blab to friends etc.

Undercover TFV agent PCs can be involved in scenes drip-feeding info to a prospective agent as well as monitoring their abilities. TFV PCs can put PCs up for possible selection and will also take on a mentor role during the agent's probationary period after recruitment. If a PC doesn't work out then there is always memory blanking as an option.

Colonel Wilde (NPC) may also conduct her own assessments by talking to PC's friends/acquaintances - especially if they are in the TFV themselves.

Theme Song

Men In Black


Advanced Armory – see Endowments for details.

House Rules

Conspiracies do not allow any Mortal+.


Midgard Shipping Lair

As noted above there is a Conspiracy level +lair for all TFV agents. This requires a compulsory 2xp spend on Safe Place 1 during Chargen/Becoming.

Cell level +lairs can still be created if desired but all agents must have access to this one. Note that Endowments ammunition/weapons are not covered by the +lair armories. They must be bought as Endowments.

Satellite Surveillance

To be able to use the satellite the following must be occur:

1. It has to be available. If there are RL events where a satellite is more likely to be needed (e.g. Russia is invading the Ukraine) then it will be occupied. This is determined by the ST for the scene.

2. There must be an ST for the scene and it also must be a logged scene. Satellite usage is only for important events.

3. It is available either before the scene to determine pre-mission reconnaissance OR during the scene to relay real-time images.

4. If it used real-time then one PC must be available to evaluate the images being received and relay information to the rest of the squad. The signal does not go to all of the team. The PC who is evaluating the images/information must roll Wits+Composure+3 (Trained Observer counts) to properly, and quickly, analyze and send on to the squad.

5. The satellite can only fully register what is outdoors. Thermal capabilities used on buildings will infer negative modifiers to the evaluation roll or be impossible in some situations - for example, identifying a person running into a working factory on a hot day in a desert environment. Camouflage on targets will also hinder the satellite's visual abilities. Modifiers, or whether it can be done at all, are at the discretion of the ST.

6. Remember that if it is used for pre-mission reconnaissance that spotted individuals can, of course, move before the mission gets underway. Though terrain, defenses and heavy equipment are unlikely to have done the same.

7. Satellites only have a limited time over the target area. They are not geo-stationary and will continue to orbit. Depending on how large an area they are required for (ST discretion) they can be present for no longer than four hours. If it is required beyond that, a Status 3+ PC must roll Resolve+Persuasion-1 to convince Command that it use precious fuel to maintain position.

8. GOSA abilities are NEVER available for satellites.

Note: These conditions may be modified as experience with use determines.

Calling In Help

NPC personnel and equipment is available to be called upon for least in theory. In reality, budget pressures, competing priorities and a desire for secrecy will affect whether assistance is available. Most missions should not require any NPC help but if TFV PCs need help then the lead agent (by rank if that is different than status) can do a Composure+Persuasion roll to get help. If the TFV agents are in a life and death situation then a modifier of +1 can be added to the roll - but be aware of the backlash if it turns out to not be such a situation at all.

Assistance can only be called for logged scenes and the level of help is determined by the ST based on the number of successes. The ST should always keep in mind that TFV does not wish to leave evidence or have too many witnesses so an airstrike in the middle of town is never likely.


IMPORTANT: To be a member of a faction you must have at least one dot in the skill that the specialty applies to. People in that faction automatically get the relevant specialty because all of their operatives are expected to need it through the work they do. Therefore, since you cannot have a specialty without a dot in the skill attached, PCs should have the relevant skill when selecting a faction.

Name Description Specialty
Project:TWILIGHT Pretending to be a human? They aren't cool with that. They're gonna find you. Investigation:Surveillance
Project: ADAMSKI These are not the werewolves you are looking for. Persuasion:Conspiracy Theories or Subterfuge:Conspiracy Theories
Project: FORT Like the INS of hunters. If you're a super, you don't have a green card, they're deporting you. Unfortunately, that means dying as they are fresh out of extradimensional vans. Occult:Extradimensional Entities



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