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Null Mysteriis (COMPACT)
Early Leecher protective suit - unnoticeable and easy to wear

SCIENCE!! Everything...everything...can be scientifically explained. We're just not smart enough to do it yet. This is where the Null Mysteriis come in. Started in the 1890s they try to take the supernatural and make it scientifically explainable.

They are not a Conspiracy and most of their research is of a voluntary nature while they are taking a break from their real job but each member is devoted to proving that science is at the root of everything. Magic is just technology that hasn't been comprehended yet.

Playing Mysteriis

Investigating the effect of death rays on ghosts
  • Null Mysteriis members could be termed 'hobbyists'. Though there is a world HQ in London, all members have real jobs that are usually in scientific fields. This is not a cover, it is what they are. Hunting is what they do on their weekends.
  • Null members should have high Academics and Science dots. Investigation would not hurt in finding things to study.
  • Expect a Null member to have a lab somewhere and carry around lots of snazzy scientific gear. Some of it may be of their own invention.
  • Make a breakthrough and you could find your work printed in the Null Mysteriis journal - free with your yearly membership fee.

The Mysteriis IC


Alora Masterson ran a Hunter hangout called the End of the Line Motel. You can check-in but...remember to check-out when you leave.


Becoming A Null Mysteriis

To Become a Null a PC should have a scientific and/or logical mindset. They try to understand the irrational in rational terms so their encounter with the supernatural should pique their curiosity and desire for the real truth - as opposed to all that magical malarkey.

Nulls are a loose confederation of scientific minds so there is no need for a Becoming PC to meet another in the flesh to be admitted though they should have to produce proof of their genius to their peers.

Theme Song

Weird Science


I'm Doing Science (1 to 5 dots)


House Rules

The Null Mysteriis allow Psychics into their ranks.


IMPORTANT: To be a member of a faction you must have at least one dot in the skill that the specialty applies to. People in that faction automatically get the relevant specialty because all of their operatives are expected to need it through the work they do. Therefore, since you cannot have a specialty without a dot in the skill attached, PCs should have the relevant skill when selecting a faction.

Name Description Specialty
Rationalists The supernatural isn't so unnatural and they aim to prove it. Science (Experimentation)
Open Minds Pseudoscientists willing to use any approach to get to the truth. Expression (Argument)
Cataclysmicists Chaos scientists who see the supernatural as the butterfly wing of apocalypse. Investigation (Paranormal)



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Active Null Mysteriis


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Hunter/Mysteriis Icons

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