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Network Zero (COMPACT)

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The Monster of Hanging Hills

Starting in the 1990s, the Network are a loose worldwide confederation of hackers, bloggers, documentarians and generally concerned citizens who want to get the Truth out there. They hunt down the strange and supernatural, not necessarily to dispose of it but more likely to document and then release to the world via the Dark Net or even Youtube. That fuzzy video of a ghost may have actually been a ghost.

Their desire for the truth can get them into trouble with other Hunter groups - TFV for one doesn't need the citizens of the world panicking en masse when they realise the supernatural is real - so they like to keep their own identities as secret as they can. They work in the shadows to bring the light.

Playing the Network

South African UFO Base
  • Network Zero PCs should be skilled with at least Computers. They need to hide their tracks very well.
  • Zero operatives can take many guises. Some of them may even have TV shows - one of those 'Real Monsters of Maine' reality programs that look really cheap and seem to be the reason night vision was invented. But the Zeroes know the truth and if they can even convince one member of their audience it is real then that is a start.
  • Some Zeroes are quite capable of combat so don't think you have to sit at a desk your whole career.
  • Zeroes work in the dark and they like it that way. They will help other Hunters if they can, much like Thules, but keep in mind there may be conflicting goals at work that can be explored in RP. The MM might love the Zero's help dealing with a cyber travelling demon but having the Zeroes reveal aliens are real may put the whole Judeo-Christian belief system under threat.
  • Some Network Zero (the Secret Keepers) don't believe that information should be released in dribs and drabs. That's too easy to deny by those in power. So they hoard the info and stop other Zeroes releasing it. They are waiting for when they have so much info it is overwhelming and irrefutable...then they will release it and change the world.

The Network IC

Left Amanda has a Youtube channel - The PandaNormal World. She debunks fake videos, talks about her (relatively mundane) experiences, etc. Nothing that'd break the masquerade/vigil. But she does let people contact her privately and acts as a lead generating source for the Hunters.


Becoming A Network Zero

Becoming a Network Zero is one of the easier ways to become a Hunter. They usually work alone and any interaction with other Zeros would initially come via communication device (probably internet). A Zero Becoming would most likely involve an encounter with the strange, a frantic research into what happened and then contact from anonymous Zero operatives. A Network Zero Hunter could go their whole lives without meeting another in the flesh.

Theme Song

Computer Games


The All-Seeing Eye (1 to 5 dots)

Each dot of the All-Seeing Eye allows access to one mundane surveillance system. As you can imagine there could be quite a lot and to describe each one in a definite list would be quite the effort in an ever-changing player created environment. When you wish to allocate a dot to a system you think exists, then tell Staff in the XP request and we shall determine whether it does, whether it is supernaturally protected and offer alternatives if need be.

Here are some types of surveillance systems that could exist:

Back to Base Security - Centralised security service which could cover homes, businesses, docks etc. They would not cover everything and each company would have its own system.

Bank ATMs - Each bank would have a separate system

Bank Security - Each bank would have a separate system

Home Security - Each house would have a separate system. This could include wireless Nanny Cams

Mall Security - General shopping mall cameras

Shop Security - Each shop would have a separate system

Street Surveillance - Cameras installed by the City/Police to watch for street crime

Traffic Cameras

Web Cams - Your computer could be watching you - though each computer would possibly be a different system

House Rules

Network Zero allows Psychics into their ranks but not Thaumaturges.


IMPORTANT: To be a member of a faction you must have at least one dot in the skill that the specialty applies to. People in that faction automatically get the relevant specialty because all of their operatives are expected to need it through the work they do. Therefore, since you cannot have a specialty without a dot in the skill attached, PCs should have the relevant skill when selecting a faction.

Name Description Specialty
Record Keepers They have one job: capture the weird when and where it happens. Computer (Multimedia)
Army of Truth Willing to use whatever means necessary to prove the truth is out there. Firearms (Rifle) or Firearms (Shotgun)
Secret Keepers They emphatically do not believe all information wants to be free. Intimidation (Keep Quiet)



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Hunter/Network Icons

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