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The Maiden's Blood Sisterhood (COMPACT)


Pi Alpha Kappa
Formally created in the 1950s, the Sisterhood is an international organisation that protects College Campuses, particularly the female students, from the horrors beyond bad grades. Though they are predominately female, males can be part of the Compact in support roles rather than as active agents - though some support may be combat orientated.

There are rumours that witches are in the ranks of the Sisterhood and it is true that any Hunt against witches must be approved by the Sisterhood Council first. However, there are far worse things to deal with than witches so it does not stop the Sisters from doing their job.

Playing The Sisterhood

Hitting the town
  • Though it is a predominately female compact, males can be recruited in support roles (Trainers, Researchers, Volunteers etc)
  • Some sisters are only in the Compact until graduation, others are sisters for life. Either way, you are a member because you want to make college safe and you are devoted to that goal.
  • Though the Sisterhood is a feminist group that does not mean they hate men. There is a difference.
  • The campus is their main battlefield, and there is plenty to do there, but like any college girl they will sometimes hit the town and beyond. As long as the college is not unprotected of course.
  • Pi Alpha Kappa is always the Sisterhood sorority. Non-members should not join unless they are being groomed for recruitment.

The Sisterhood IC

Sorority House
Pi Alpha Kappa is a sorority house at St. John's University and the home of Maiden's Blood Sisterhood Huntresses.


Becoming A Maiden's Blood Sisterhood

PCs wishing to become MBS should be related to the university in some way. Though there is some leeway for support members, mainstream MBS PCs should be university students. Their introduction to the world of darkness will be via events at the university (there are plenty of strange things going on there) and would require an existing MBS PC or NPC to learn of how they dealt with the encounter(s) and offer them a place in the sorority.

Support PCs could be recruited if they can contribute to the sorority in a meaningful way. Support membership is unlikely to be offered to someone to guard a door but if they were also able to train the members or supply them with equipment and/or resources then they would be more likely to be offered a role.

Theme Song



Alumni (1 to 5 dots)

(HR Endowment - full details below)

The Sisterhood are able to call upon former Alumni or obtain access to special articles/training the higher their endowment. Each dot in endowments can be converted to 'Gimme Points'. These Points can then be spent on the following benefits. Once a Gimme Point has been applied to a benefit it cannot be used again until 24 hours after that Benefit has been used. For example, if you buy a Defensive Amulet, that Gimme Point cannot be respent until 24 hours after the scene the amulet is used in.

Research: Gimme Points can be used to add to any Academics or Occult or Science or Medicine roll used for Research. A maximum of three points can be used on any roll.

Investigation: Gimme Points can be used to add to any Investigation or Occult or Stealth or Subterfuge roll used for Investigation. A maximum of three points can be used on any roll.

I Want That: Gimme Points can be used as Resource points ONCE per YEAR. Once something has been bought with ANY points then NO Gimme Points can be used for this reason for another twelve months.

Go Team!!: A rousing speech/rally can gee up any Sister. Gimme Points can be used to temporarily increase willpower at a ratio of 2 GP to 1 WP. These new willpower points must be used first and they must be used in the first scene after they are bought and within 24 hours of being bought. After this time they are lost as the effects of the speech wear off.

Defensive Amulet: A Gimme Point can be spent obtaining an amulet that acts as Armor 1/1 (and adds to any existing armour) for one scene. It cannot be sold, traded, copied or examined and evaporates after the scene it is used in. Only one can be in your possession at any one time.

Offensive Amulet: A Gimme Point can be spent obtaining an amulet that gives +1 to any attack roll for one scene. It cannot be sold, traded, copied or examined and evaporates after the scene it is used in. Only one can be in your possession at any one time.

That Won't Work On Me, Sweetie: Gimme Points can be spent to add to resist any domination, mind control or mind reading attack roll. This includes Supernatural attacks.

Taking One for the Team: A Gimme Point can be spent to resist wound penalties for one round.

House Rules

Maiden's Blood Sisterhood allow Psychics into their ranks and the following Thaumaturges: Hedge Witches and Taoist Alchemists


IMPORTANT: To be a member of a faction you must have at least one dot in the skill that the specialty applies to. People in that faction automatically get the relevant specialty because all of their operatives are expected to need it through the work they do. Therefore, since you cannot have a specialty without a dot in the skill attached, PCs should have the relevant skill when selecting a faction.

Name Description Specialty
Pleiades Organizers, planners, business managers of the group. Politics (Organization)
Amazons Wonder Woman! The fighters and defenders of the sorority. Brawl (Self-Defense)
Graces Recruiters, sponsors, and caregivers. Empathy (Understanding)



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