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Knights of St. Adrian
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The Knights of St. Adrian work for God…though you would never guess it from looking at them. They are bounty hunters whose life is always on the road and going from one Hunt to another. They don’t have time, or inclination, to wear fancy clothes or live in a nice house. Powered by divine powers coursing through their tattoos they are on a mission for God…as long as there’s a nice wad of cash at the end too.

Playing the Knights


  • The Knights of St Adrian have been selected by God to receive his blessing in the form of tattoos. They may not even be religious people but they are worthy in His eyes.
  • The only person who can apply their Tattoos (Endowment) is the mysterious Tattooist. He is also the one who will also give them their targets and rolls of well-used notes as payment. At least until there are some Dispatchers to help him out.
  • The Knights could be considered the bikers of God. They usually have itinerant and nomadic lifestyles and payment usually goes towards beer and ammo. Though there is nothing to prevent you from being the one that is different.

The Knights IC

Left Current available bounties can be found here.


Becoming A Knight

A Knight is chosen by God but that doesn't mean they are perfect. He may even choose them because they aren't. So Becomings should involve some divine guidance or signs. Knights are usually associated with the bounty hunting career in some form so a change of lifestyle may be a component of any Becoming.

Only the Tattooist NPC can bestow the Ink endowment and he will also give the final okay for a PC to become a Knight - therefore there must be at least one scene with this NPC. There is no probation per se since God doesn't make mistakes but if a Knight does behave less than expected then they may lose His favor and find their tattoos lose their power.

Theme Song


Ink – see Endowment for details.

Only the Tattooist can apply new Ink so he must be contacted/available for the task.

Though the Ink Endowment Merit has a maximum dots value of 5, a Knight is allowed to have more than 5 Inks/Tattoos. However, they cannot have duplicates of any Ink – so no having multiple Lord Provides for different types of weapon models.

Like any Conspiracy Endowment players can propose custom inks. This should not be used to expand on an existing Ink in a way that eradicates the limitations of that ink. So, for example, no creating ‘The Lord’s Bounty’ which gives you unlimited ammo for a whole type of weapon (i.e. all handguns) rather than just the one model of weapon the existing ‘Lord Provides’ Ink does.

House Rules

Conspiracies do not allow any Mortal+.


IMPORTANT: To be a member of a faction you must have at least one dot in the skill that the specialty applies to. People in that faction automatically get the relevant specialty because all of their operatives are expected to need it through the work they do. Therefore, since you cannot have a specialty without a dot in the skill attached, PCs should have the relevant skill when selecting a faction.

Name Description Specialty
Deliverers Delivers the bounty to the client...and makes sure it stays caught. Empathy (Discern Intent)
Dispatchers They hand out the jobs and handle the logistics...and cover. Subterfuge (Hiding Evidence)
Hounds The trackers who get their hands dirty...and know all about ulcers. Brawl (Grappling)



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Active Knights of St. Adrian

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Hunter/Adrian Icons

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