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Hunter House Rules and Clarification

Hunters and Other Spheres

xxxxx Hunter is NOT a PK sphere. Nor is it a sphere whose job it is to hound, threaten or annoy other spheres. IC, since before the Cosgrove Understanding of 1914 (see Hunter History), there has been a truce between all the 'spheres' which is still holding and there is no reason for it to break. Everyone knows now there is something bigger out there and they will have to work together sometimes. Does that mean Hunters have tea parties with vampires...not a chance. But it does mean Hunters do not shoot on sight.

xxxxx Hunter PCs should not hunt other PCs except under extreme and staff approved circumstances. If a Mage is walking down Main Street throwing fireballs, then that is obviously something that neither Hunter or Mage will be happy about. Even in this situation, OOC approval from both sphere heads is required before anything approaching PK can occur. If their own sphere has officially abandoned a PC to their fate then Hunters can act.

xxxxx Even if a PC gives their approval to be Hunted individually, sphere head approval must be given. No PC is an island. Even if a werewolf player is fine with it, the spirits of Fallcoast that communicate with all the werewolves in the town, could quite readily spread the news and the rest of the sphere will probably not be 'fine with it'.

xxxxx There are plenty of creatures to deal with in Fallcoast that are not from one of the major spheres. If you must hunt vampires, werewolves etc then please do so well away from Fallcoast and surrounds. Also please ensure that you are attacking elements with no relationship to those in Fallcoast - no PC's cousin, no ally of a mage, or anything like that.

xxxxx Hunters do not identify themselves as such to anyone but other Hunters - and even that is only if you really, really trust the other person. Hunters work in the shadows. Some work for organisations that are beyond secret and have no desire to reveal themselves. Some work to keep everything hidden and keep humanity safe from the darkness. Some work to learn everything they can but even then it is secret knowledge. Even Network Zero hide behind fake names and keep themselves secret even while showing the world a bit of what is out there. No Hunter desires to attract attention to what they are or what they are doing.

xxxxx In Fallcoast there is a Hunter organization known as 'The Society for the Uplifting of Humanity'. All Hunters are aware of this organization and all Hunters can be requested to participate in their missions. Of course you do NOT have to take part in any such missions or Society meetings, particular if your concept requires solitude or distrust of organizations.

xxxxx Other spheres are supposed to show the same consideration for Hunters in their plots and scenes. If you think that Hunter PCs are under threat or even that NPC Hunters in Fallcoast are being attacked then please let a Hunter staffer know. If it has been approved, great. If not, then we need to know about it. No Hunter, even NPCs, is an island either.

Compacts and Conspiracies

xxxxx Hunter groups are divided into two types - Compacts (aka Tier 2) and Conspiracies (aka Tier 3).

xxxxx Compacts are less formal groups of Hunters where members do what they do because they want to or feel they need to. They are rarely paid for this work and support from their organisation cannot be guaranteed. Compacts are also more likely to take in Mortal+ to their ranks, both because they need all the help they can get and also because they may not be as hardline as Conspiracies. They will only have the one Endowment.

xxxxx Conspiracies are formalised, international groups of Hunters with vast support networks. They pay their agents, often also providing lodging, cover and a career in this life they have chosen. They also expect loyalty in return and a Hunter's Conspiracy takes precedence over any Cell they may be in. They will not accept anyone into their ranks who could pose a danger (ie Mortal+). They will have multiple Endowments that supply their agents with their 'powers'.

If you Become into a Conspiracy then your previous life, if kept, will become your 'cover' to allow you to do your job as a Hunter.

xxxxx For purposes of alt limits, Tier 2 Compact PCs are considered Mortal while Tier 3 Conspiracy PCs are considered Mortal+.


xxxxxA Cell is a group of three or more Hunters who work together to provide support, equipment and tactics to each other. Most Cells are usually composed of individuals of one Compact or Conspiracy but mixed Cells are acceptable.

xxxxxIf you do have a mixed Cell then consider why/how they were assembled. Is it for a specific purpose? Did they just fall into this? Have they known each other for years and want to see if they can work together? Are there so few Hunters left that they have no choice? A reason for why this group is together is a fertile source of RP.

xxxxxHunters from Conspiracies in particular will put their group before their Cell. Expect there to be tensions between how each of the Hunters works and this should be seen in RP. At the end of the day there is a bigger enemy out there than each other but the differences should not be ignored. For example, the TFV is devoted to hiding the supernatural from humanity while Network Zero attempts to reveal it - how would they work together? Would a devout Malleus Maleficarum work that closely with someone not of the Catholic faith? How well an Ashwood Abbey member would get along with a Unionist? Again, no one is saying 'no' to these match-ups as it is a source of RP but please do not ignore these possible tensions.

xxxxxThere are some that are happy to work with others of course. Loyalists of Thule will hook up with anyone because they seek knowledge. Someone from the Null Mysteriis could work with members of the Cheiron Group to co-discover all kinds of things.

xxxxx Non-Hunter Mortals or Mortal+ (ie Psychics and Thaums) may choose to assist Hunters/Hunter Cells in their activities but they are not considered to be actual members of a Cell and do not gain any of the benefits of said Cell. They are not Hunters (with a capital H) and should not advertise themselves as such IC or OOC.

xxxxx For the Compacts that will accommodate Mortal+ officially into their ranks, please see the individual wiki pages. Characters accepted in this way will be considered Hunters for the purposes of Cells, Status and +lair use. They will also be allowed to use/obtain the relevant Endowment.



xxxxxMantle of Orleans - This benediction can be used on 'temporary' groupings of Hunters for a set purpose. No blessing a bunch of people who then dash off in different directions. They have to stick together in the scene to benefit.


xxxxxElixirs replenish between game sessions, per the Sanctity of Merits. A character may possess more Elixirs than her combined Elixir + Ascending Ones Status, by purchasing an “Additional Elixirs” Merit. This Merit has no upward limit, and simply allows access to further Elixirs. Additionally, on a Dramatic Failure, the Ascending One suffers a poison with a Toxicity equal to the Elixir’s dot rating, instead of a Toxicity 2 poison.


xxxxxCalling Forth The Pit - This Castigation has absolutely no effect on Possessed whatsoever.

xxxxxHellbound - Lucifuge reluctantly accept their demonic heritage and learn to tap into the dark legacy within their blood to create all manner of effects, mostly for ill. Some Lucifuge, however, turn that darkness inward. They become so attuned to the demonic side of themselves that they very body tends to drift towards the demon's natural home: the Inferno.

System: By calling upon this Castigation and spending a point of Willpower, the Lucifuge is able to shift almost all of his body and presence into the Inferno, leaving him as nothing more than an immaterial image. While in this state, the Lucifuge is fully visible, and can see and speak to others in turn.. but that is the extent of his actions. He becomes immune to all attacks and contact, and is in fact nothing more than a 3D image, semi-transparent and completely untouchable. The Lucifuge can keep this state for Castigation + Stamina turns at a time, before he must return his presence to the normal world. The Lucifuge gains a minor derangement upon leaving the Inferno, as the human mind simply cannot cope with it. This derangement lasts for 8 hours, or a full night's rest. Whichever comes first.

Drawback: In addition to the Willpower cost to activate the power, there is an additional drawback: human bodies were never meant to be in the Inferno. While most of his body and presence are shunted there, the body suffers at the tender mercies of the beings in that hellish place. Upon returning to the normal would, the Lucifuge finds he has suffered 1 point of Aggravated damage, from the abuse and horror his body was subjected to while shunted mostly to the Inferno. The Lucifuge cannot attack in this state, as they are completely immaterial and in a completely different reality/dimension than anything on earth (including in the Shadow or in Twilight).

Cost: 1 WP + 1 Aggravated Damage. The Lucifuge may remain in this state for a number of turns equal to his Castigation + Stamina, suffering one additional point of Aggravated damage at a time. If the Lucifuge is killed in this manner, their soul is immediately shunted into Hell.

xxxxxHellfire - Clarification: Damage done by Hellfire is 1 Lethal per success on the die roll. A word is missing from the book but since Exceptional Success is described as 'doing more damage' then it is deduced it is meant to be per success rather than 1 lethal damage in total.

xxxxxLuciferan Vitality - Description: As a descendant of the Betrayer, the blood of the Lucifuge is intertwined with that of fallen angels, a testament to which is their nearly immortal lifespans. Just as one might call upon their infernal heritage for demonic might, or unnatural insight, so too might the Lucifuge call upon the immortality latent in their blood to heal all but the most grievous of wounds.

System: The Lucifuge spends one Willpower to activate this Vestment as normal. They may then automatically heal 2 x their Castigation dots in levels of Bashing Damage, 1 x their Castigation dots in Lethal damage and half their Castigation dots (rounded down) in Aggravated damage. The Lucifuge may heal another in this way, though the cost rises to include sustaining a level of Lethal damage as well, to represent subsuming their wounds into the Lucifuge's own flesh. This lethal can not be healed by any means for 24 hours. After 24 hours has passed the wounds will heal normally and can even be healed with the castigation itself.

Cost: 1WP if able to touch the person being healed, 2WP if at a distance. If at a distance, you must spend two rounds, as this does not circumvent the usual Willpower spending rules.

xxxxxMandate of Hell - For game purposes the demons inside Possessed are not -generally- counted as lesser demons. However, there is one exception: If the Possessed player is seeking to be exorcised this power will do that. If the demon is in absolute control of the Possessed (This is not the normal state for a Possessed. This is for when the demon has assumed full control of the body.) this power can be used to deflect attack and force the demon out of control again.

Advanced Armory

xxxxxModified Munin Serum: This works as in the books. However, on Fallcoast we have expanded its abilities such that at times, with expert application and in a more complex procedure, it can be used to blur more selective memories going much further back. This use requires staff oversight, and is most common in situations where someone is resigning from the organization, often leaving an impression of TFV as a mostly-military organization that does not do black ops surrounding supernatural creatures at all, why do you ask? In other cases, it might leave the sense that time spent in the TFV was actually spent in some other organization altogether (CIA, NSA, National Guard...), with only a hazy (and erroneous) idea of why it is difficult to recall and no connections remain. (It is not, in that kind of use, addictive, but it can sometimes have unpredictable side effects of unconnected blank spots or odd false memories. But memories of a more personal nature do remain, if sometimes flattened or blurred, as well.)

xxxxx Minor Gugnir Note on Changelings: One can use the Gugnir to try and detect Changelings, but due to the extremely effective nature of the Changeling Mask, one will have to roll Wits+Investigation -3 to succeed. If one does not succeed, they register as a normal mortal.

God-Machine House Rules

  • Etheric Rounds - The modifier for these rounds is reduced by 1 when striking a corporeal target, minimum damage of +0L.
  • The Bleeder - This weapon inflicts +2L damage
  • Mjolnir Cannon - Supernatural armors reduce this damage, mundane armor does not
  • Glimpse of the After - The benefit of an exceptional success applies after any armor is used.
  • Weapons of Last Resort - Both options provide a +0L natural weapon
  • HOD Rounds - These rounds inflict a -2 attack penalty, not -2 damage. Also, they gain AP2 against any armor provided by Disciplines, Devotions, or other Vampiric powers. Other armor reduces their effectiveness as usual.
  • Fiacre's Staff/Benediction of the Rose - This endowment grants a damage modifier of up to +5L, but only against appropriate targets. It enhances damage, not accuracy.

Research and Development (Custom Endowments for Hunter Conspiracies)

xxxxx Custom Endowments are not easy or cheap to create. IC they would require either immense and costly R&D, or exploratory surgical techniques that could kill the host, or learning new powers of blood that may turn the user into what they fight, or trusting in relics with no proof of power or 'proper' background. Only Conspiracies can create Custom Endowments as Compacts are only ever allowed one and it is already described in the books.

xxxxx Possible Custom Endowments should be submitted to staff with full details - powers, limitations, proposed costs, history, contributors to R&D etc. A cost in XP, Practical XP and PrPs (scenes that involve this new Endowment being created/realised/tested) will be determined. More than one character can contribute to paying the cost of Custom Endowments but they must be of the same Conspiracy. Custom Endowments should be logical, thematic and within the realms of possibility. Custom Endowments that effectively make a Hunter immortal, for example, will be rejected.

xxxxx Limitations of Custom Endowments should be limitations that affect RP on the grid and not something that can be shoved off-camera. For example, a limitation that causes madness for six hours is not a limitation if it is expressed by saying the PC is at home in bed for those six hours while the player logs off.

xxxxx After calculating the cost in "Practical XP", a certain number of scenes would be prerequisite to attaining this Endowment in a PrP of # scenes, dependent on the cost in Practical XP split by the number of actors in the plot. This number, rounded down, would be the number of requisite scenes one would have to play out in the quest for this Endowment. A minimum of one scene will be required and it is expected that all who contribute to the costs will participate. Practical and normal XP normally gained from these scenes would not be awarded to the players, but rather pooled, in combination with any additional spent Practical/Normal XP, until the "target number" is met.

xxxxx Due to the requirements of Practical XP and PrPs it is therefore not possible to come out of Chargen with a new Custom Endowment. You may begin with one that already exists by paying the appropriate dot cost.

Hunter Status and the Raising Thereof

1. All requests for increased status in a Hunter Compact/Conspiracy must be justified. Primary, Secondary Compacts/Conspiracies, cgen or character already in play, whatever, it all requires a justification.

2. Status 1 and 2 for characters on the grid wanting new status (a raise in status, or purchase of secondary or tertiary status) and ALL status requested in the application process must be justified to staff, although staff reserve the option to consult other players if they feel it's called for.

3. On the grid, Status 3 and higher is put to a vote to the player's faction - every member queried and given 7 days to vote, votes weighted by Status. If there are only a small number of votes, either because there are few members of the Compact/Conspiracy or because few of them actually vote yes or no, staff opinion will also be taken into account. Those who wish the Status change will not be involved in the vote.

4. Characters may not have Status higher than 2 out of Chargen unless the process is initiated by Staff (i.e. there is a plot or theme reason for a PC to have higher status). Such characters would be expected to have skills/merits/background commensurate with this higher status - they have been around a while and should reflect this.

5. Secondary Status must not only be justified but also (unlike Primary Status) be purchased with XP. As specified in Hunter: the Vigil, p. 73, Secondary Status costs twice the normal cost of Merits (new dot x 4), and can never be raised higher than two dots. (It also isn't guaranteed to be possible: all justifications for Secondary Status must take into account the potential conflicts between the perspectives and expectations of each group and how your character resolves them.) Status in your primary Compact/Conspiracy does not require XP and cannot be bought. It can only be obtained through the processes outlined above.

6. Non-Hunter characters who wish Status in a Compact must submit a justification AND pay double XP (if it is approved). Justifications will be used to determine whether they should be allowed to have the Status at all and not for discounts. Non-Hunter characters may never have a Status higher than 1 in the Compact and obtain none of the benefits of Status.

7. Non-Hunter characters may never apply to have status in a Conspiracy. They may have Contacts or Allies within them (with Hunter staff approval) but never actual Status.

Justifications should focus on your character's IC involvement in and contributions to the Compact/Conspiracy, of a kind which would produce recognition and respect among the members there. If your Compact/Conspiracy has a strong hierarchy including off-camera higher-ups, your justification may also include mention of what they would know and why they might feel your character was worthy of promotion/advancement. Justifications do not have to be based on logs, but should be verifiable in some way.

Players seeking status of 3 or higher should also include in their justification some indication of what they expect to do with their increased authority and responsibility - what the other members of their group should expect to see from their character in the future.

Hunters and Minor Templates

xxxxxThose with a supernatural template are not allowed to join Hunter groups. If you are in a Hunter group and undergo a Becoming, it is assumed that you will cut ties as there is a chance they will perceive what you are and react according to that group's beliefs.

Mortal+ characters with psychic or thaumaturgical powers may be able to join Compacts but not Conspiracies. See the individual Compact wiki page for details. Characters accepted in this way will be considered Hunters for the purposes of Cells, Status and +lair use. They will also be allowed to use/obtain the relevant Endowment.

Other Mortal+ types cannot become Hunters or be officially affiliated with the sphere. You can know Hunters, maybe even help them, but they will not be allowed access to Hunter only locations.

If a Mortal+ wishes to become a Hunter via a Becoming that strips them of their powers, then they will have to determine an IC reason why this would happen.

Mortal Hunters and Hunter Definitions

xxxxx Mortals are allowed to be hunters without being Hunters. They are considered Tier One Hunters and have constraints as noted below. These Mortals can become full Hunters via a Becoming process if they wish.

xxxxx Mortals can form cells and they are allowed to learn one Tactic when they do so. This is the only Tactic they will ever learn as Mortals. They will probably draw attention from the Compacts and Conspiracies in Fallcoast, who will watch the new cell to see if they have any sort of worth to their particular Conspiracy. Mortals are allowed to join a Compact or Conspiracy if they are picked to do so and meet the requirements (Lucifuge won't take anyone who isn't descended from the Morning Star, for instance. Malleus Maleficarum won't take anyone who isn't of faith). This is considered a Hunter Becoming and will require logged scenes and a respec for the PC.

xxxxx These Mortal hunters can be solo Hunters, without benefit of Compact, Conspiracy, or cell (or Tactic). This will not necessarily make your life easy, in terms of getting into existing Hunter RP, or in being a viable Hunter. However, having given that fair warning, if players wish to play newbie hunters who have not been recruited, and want to explore this process of moving from a solo Vigil to the larger world of Hunter organizations, then this is how this can be played IC.

Practical XP

xxxxxPractical XP is in use and is given during staff run scenes and PrPs. From this point forward, 1 Practical XP will be given out for PrPs run for Hunters. Practical XP is the only way to purchase Tactics. All Hunter characters begin with three free Tactics. Practical XP can also be used to create Custom Endowments.


xxxxxAll Hunters automatically become Slashers when reaching Morality 0. Slashers are never open for initial application nor will concepts be accepted where the goal is to become a Slasher. If your Hunter becomes a Slasher during the Vigil it will immediately become an NPC and utilized by staff.

Mortal vs Mortal+

xxxxx Since we have an alt limit, it is therefore useful to determine which Hunters are Mortal, and which are Mortal+. Members of the major Conspiracies are Mortal+ characters. Characters who have any M+ abilities permitted by their Compact/Conspiracy are M+ characters, regardless of what Tier their Hunter organization belongs to. Characters who have straight mortal templates and have Status only in one of the Second Tier Compacts, whether it's one with Endowments or not, are designated Mortal. Hunter is a sphere and normal sphere rules apply, which means no matter what, players may only have one Hunter character at a time.

Becoming A Hunter

Only Mortals and certain Mortal+ PCs can become Hunters and there are steps to the process that a player should be aware of before applying to become a Hunter.

To become a Hunter a PC should have at least one relevant scene that opens their eyes to the world of darkness. The generalities of this scene needs to be approved by staff before it can go ahead. In addition, scenes relevant to the type of Compact/Conspiracy they wish to join should be run (see below). Therefore STs and PCs should consider at least one scene to be introduced to the supernatural in some way and at least one scene for the induction/recruitment by the desired Compact/Conspiracy.

There can also be additional scenes where the Becoming is not the main focus. For example, where NPCs (or PCs) of the Compact/Conspiracy are evaluating the PC.

When a PC wishes to become a Hunter then they should have an idea of which Compact or Conspiracy they wish to become part of. If you do not want to be a part of one of these Compacts/Conspiracies then you will become a Tier One Hunter (see rules about them on this page).

If you intend to become a Hunter in a particular Compact or Conspiracy then this is where it gets tricky. Hunter has a huge number of variations of type and the thematic ideas that come with them. Broadly, if you go with a Compact then you have some freedom in your actions and responsibilities and it is easier to get into one but if you go with a Conspiracy then you work for someone and your previous life becomes a cover rather than the focus of your existence. Conspiracies expect certain levels of behavior and secrecy akin to joining a top secret organization in real life (e.g. background checks, probationary periods, long assessments etc). Each Compact and Conspiracy page details additional things that both the ST and PC(s) should consider when Becoming into a particular type of Hunter.

Balanced with these thematic concerns is that this is a MUSH and Becomings should not be tied up in IC red tape for months on end. If a PC Becomes a Lucifuge, for example, no one expects the PC to disappear to Milan for a year off the grid but there will be some requirements to replace this.

STs and PCs should also keep in mind the Factions of each Hunter group and cater scenes to logically reflect the PC's choice in that regard.

About the only way you can fail a Becoming into Hunter would be to die but you may not initially meet the requirements of the Compact/Conspiracy you wish to join. Ensuring that the scene(s) run meet these requirements will probably negate this concern.

Becoming into a Conspiracy/Compact does not automatically give you access to any Cell or player run plot in that group. That will require IC interaction (and OOC chatting) with the relevant PC(s) already in place. Yay, more RP!

Hunter Template Changes

Please note that the HRs below may be adapted/amended if required as we gain more experience in such transitions. We do not want to start any sphere wars by your character's actions so please consider this when determining your plan to change.

Each PC will be looked at individually and their Plans will no doubt be different than any others. Please do not assume or expect universal/generic ideas that can applied to anyone.

Hunters and Becomings

For some unfathomable reason you may decide to leave the glory and prestige of being a Hunter to become one of those horrid, unwashed other things like vampires, werewolves et al (note that this is just the Hunter TLs personal opinion) then you will need to consider an Extraction Plan.

If you are becoming a Super, and this includes ostensibly benign spheres like Geist and Mage, then you will no longer be considered a Hunter at all and all benefits and sphere specific merits/endowments/status etc will be removed as per any other Becoming. You will also lose access to any Hunter sphere +lairs and no refund will be given on communal contributions.

If you are becoming a Mortal+ that could potentially remain a Hunter (e.g. Psychics and some Thaums depending on Compact) then a full sheet change may not be required. You may still choose to leave Hunter completely if you wish.

Other Mortal+ and those who do not wish to remain a Hunter will lose all Hunter benefits as if they were a Super.


The most important requirement of a Becoming that takes your character out of the Hunter sphere is an Extraction Plan. You will be required to come up with an IC way that your character can leave their compatriots and not become a target. This may be easier for Compact characters than Conspiracy characters but there is danger either way. A group of Hunters are unlikely to allow their buddy to turn into a vampire and still want to hang out.

Note that Conspiracies, the 'large' Hunter groups, will not allow any kind of Super/Mortal+ in their ranks. You must determine a workable Extraction Plan to leave one.

Keep in mind any relationships you have with all Hunter PCs when considering this plan. For example, though your Union cellmates may pat you on your back and send you on your way to a new life as a Psychic, if you also know TFV operatives they are much more likely to want to dissect you.

Submit a +req labeled Extraction Plan to be discussed and approved by Hunter staff. It will require a scene to put it into action. This can be combined with your Becoming scene if possible.

Resignations and Retirements

The life of the Vigil is a hard one and you may decide that you've had enough and want to retire to the hills to raise bees and sell honey. Again, with Compacts this is much easier than Conspiracies. Conspiracies have put a lot of resources into you and they don't like to see it just walk out of the door; in addition, a Lucifuge will always be tainted by their blood.

Characters who wish to retire from their Compact/Conspiracy need to create a Retirement Plan to extricate themselves with a method that does not involve a bullet in the cranium. Retirement/Resignation will mean you lose access to all Hunter sphere merits/endowments/equipment etc. You will no longer be a member of a Cell (if you were) and will lose all +lair access. If you have any Allies/Contacts that were dependent on you being a Hunter then they will be lost (but XP refunded).

Keep in mind that your character may suffer greatly for the right to sit on a porch. Some examples:

- TFV agents are routinely mind-wiped and will have no memory of their previous Hunter activities. People they knew from such events will now be strangers.

- Cheiron agents will be harvested of any endowments and, if you are lucky, you will be put back together with human parts. Signing a non-disclosure form with VERY severe penalties for breaking can be expected as a minimum.

You can also assume that you will be watched to some degree for the rest of your life. Conspiracies in particular will be waiting for any sign of you slipping up or the mindwipe not taking. This will not be 24/7 (these organisations still have budgets) but be aware this may happen.

Submit a +req labeled Retirement Plan to be discussed and approved by Hunter staff. It will require a scene to put it into action.

Please note that this does not retire your PC itself in any way. You can continue to be a mortal/+ on grid and enjoy your new life. As per the HR for 'Mortal Hunters' above, you will be allowed to retain one Tactic but you will lose all access to Cell membership and +lairs that are Hunter specific.

Hunter Transfers

It is possible for a Hunter to change their Compact/Conspiracy if required. Submit a +req explaining why you wish to change and how, IC, you think your character would be able to make the change - this is your Transfer Plan. Each case will be evaluated individually for permission. At least one scene will be required to explain/depict the change IC.

Note that some Compacts/Conspiracies are impossible to leave to join an alternate Compact/Conspiracy - you cannot get rid of your Lucifuge blood for example. Some Compacts/Conspiracies, as per Retirement, will also ensure no trace of them is left in the PC. This will involved the removal of Endowments (physical and material) as well as possible mind wipes. XP will NOT be refunded for such losses.

You will join your new Compact/Conspiracy at Status 1 and advancement will be more difficult, if it is known you were in another Compact/Conspiracy, due to your already proven lack of loyalty. You will lose all Status in your old Compact/Conspiracy and will not be allowed to retain Allies/Compacts/Staff/Retainers/Mentors that are associated with your previous Compact/Conspiracy.

Hunting in the Hedge

xxxxxNo transmissions of any kind except direct localization signals will work in the Hedge. There are no radio or cell towers in the Hedge. That means no internet/phone/radio of any kind. If people manage to have direct point to point signaling devices those will work. In addition, due to the inability to control and direct electricity continuously electrical devices that require power from an outlet or electrical generator will not function in the Hedge.

xxxxx TFV chips will still work with regard to allowing their equipment to function (however, see below). Tracking abilities of the chips will cease to function but any inbuilt recorders will continue to work, though only to record the life signs of the implantee rather than any visual/audio recording. Satellites cannot see into the Hedge and cannot be used.

Hunter Morality

Being a Hunter is not an easy job. You will see things and do things that a right minded human should not have to see and it may have an affect on your psyche in the form of morality checks, drops and derangements.

Hunters do not butcher indiscriminately and they do not cause mass destruction if they can help it - for no other reason than it's hard to be a secret group if you're blowing up neighborhoods.

Hunters, despite all they go through, are not psychopaths. There is a difference between exploring the darkness of the world and your own mind, and being a lunatic that has no ability to empathize, co-operate or act within theme. Hunters who IC descend to this level become NPC Slashers and this should not be a goal of your play.

Morality rules apply per the main rules with one important caveat - Hunters almost expect to have a rough time so they are able to treat morality damaging acts at one level 'higher' than described in the book. For example, Manslaughter is considered a Level 4 morality threshold for most Mortals/+ but for Hunters it is considered a Level 5 Morality threshold. In addition, they also get one extra die to roll to avoid a morality drop. They do NOT get extra die to avoid a derangement though.

Hunter PRP XP Requests

xxxxx When submitting a PrP XP request please ensure that you note the following:

  • Log Name: All scenes that give XP should be logged.

If a scene is paused mid-posing and then resumed some time later (RL) then please only submit the one request for XP. Even if new PCs arrive in the second (or third) part, if the continuation is literally the second after the last part was paused, please treat them as one scene. If this means the scene ends up going 14 hours over three weeks then that will be taken into consideration with XP allocation.

If a plot has a number of scenes in it that are separated by IC time then these can be submitted as separate requests.

  • Participants: Please list all those that took part, differentiating between Hunters and other PCs involved.
  • Threat Level: The 'threat level' that you feel is appropriate to this scene. Some guidelines can be found here Game_news:Earning_xp but please see notes below. Threat does not have to mean combat or physical danger. Major life changing events of any kind can be seen as 'High' threat. Staff will read the log and allocate XP as warranted using this level as a guide but reserving the right to allocate less or more XP as they feel appropriate.

When determining the threat level of a scene please consider the following:

Though a Hunter's life is full of danger and death defying acts, to claim that each scene is therefore High Threat trivialises the danger, particularly if it is obvious in the log that the Hunters involved were actually in no threat whatsoever and handily beat up a whole pack of werewolves with only a couple of scratches between them. Yes, it had the potential to be High Threat, but it turned out to be none of the sort.

Try and use High Threat for special scenes only. Where lives /were/ threatened for the majority of those who took part. Where a decision they had to make was so brilliant that it affected the lives of a number of PCs/NPCs. Where they had a monumental life changing event that will be reflected in their RP from now on.

This is not an attempt to make scenes more dangerous for Hunters nor to ban the handing out of High Threat XP but rather to ensure that such scenes are dramatic and unusual rather than the every day.

  • Additional Notes: Anything you would like to add about the scene in question (why you think it was high threat, whether anyone did anything noteworthy that deserves reward etc).

1-3 XP will be awarded per PC for each scene requested. It is expected that all players (and ST) involved will get the same amount but there may be some variance depending on any notes supplied - though please note that if a PC was incredibly awesome then you may want to put in a +recc for them as well.

1 Practical XP will be awarded per HUNTER PC involved (and the ST if they are a Hunter PC). Only Hunters gain Practical XP and the scene must also show practical knowledge being gained.

Hunter Becoming XP Bonus

Since running a Becoming for a PC to become a Hunter may require multiple scenes over a long period of time, the ST for such a plot will be entitled to 5XP over and above any XP allocated for the scenes themselves.

To be eligible for this bonus, there should be a minimum of two scenes directly involving a Becoming and the PC should meet all the requirements of the Compact/Conspiracy they wish to join after the plot's conclusion.