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An Ongoing History of Hunting in the Fallcoast Region

The Twenty First Century

2005 – Hearthstone Medical Clinic

Hearthstone Insanitorium reopens as a Therapeutic Medical Clinic – both physical and mental. Whether the ghosts and goblins have been cleansed remains to be seen.

2001 – Network Zero recognised

The formal recognition of Network Zero occurs. Though they seem to be in direct opposition to other Hunter groups they still become part of the S.U.H. They are seen as valuable weapons in this modern age and their ‘quirks’ can be reasoned with.

The Twentieth Century

1996 – Midgard Shipping established

The latest cover organisation for the TFV is established at the airport.

1985 – Maiden’s Blood Sisterhood established

Pi Alpha Kappa is established by Melissa Browning and shoulder pads and big hair became a deadly weapon against the supernatural. Though primarily responsible for protecting the university, they are fully incorporated into the S.U.H.

1973 – The Long Night arrive

Preacher Zachary Martin is the first of the Tribulation Militia to be recognised in Fallcoast.

1953 – Cossington-Smith Collection

Angela Cossington-Smith establishes her private collection in her mansion. She collects the unusual and has often called on the S.U.H. when an exhibit escapes or is stolen.

1950s – Loyalists of Thule revealed

The Loyalists reveal themselves to the S.U.H. after working undercover for some years after World War 2. Their expertise is welcomed by the S.U.H.

1944 – FDR Reservoir floods

Crow’s Hollow created by the flooding of four hamlets to establish the FDR Reservoir. The area quickly becomes a focus of supernatural activity caused by both the flooding itself and the breaking or damaging of wards and supernatural prisons that were located there. It is believed the Leechers nest under the tranquil, cold waters.

1942 – U-666

A German U-boat operating off the coast of Maine is sunk by the US Navy…yet keeps returning every year to attack shipping. Sometimes it is accompanied by a surface vessel – the S.S. Krieg – a Nazi medical research vessel that creates crude amalgams of men and monster.

1914 – Cheiron Group arrive

With the onset of war in Europe, members of the Cheiron Group arrive to set up industrial processes in Fallcoast. Initially they are adverse to assisting the other Hunters but after the ‘Zeppelin Knights’ incident of 1916, they are soon in the S.U.H. fold with enthusiasm.

The Nineteenth Century

1896 – Hearthstone Insanitorium

Hearthstone Insanitorium is established and soon becomes a nightmare institution that draws in evil from the surrounding region and turns it into inhumane horrors to terrorise the whole town.

1895 – Null Mysteriis arrive

Dr Albrecht Elazar becomes the first registered Null Mysteriis member in Fallcoast. He soon sets up a lab in the university though most of the ‘special investigations’ are done in the S.U.H. hall.

1888 – Circus of Sighs first seen

A man known only as ‘The Victorian’ is seen for the first time in the winter of 1888. Accompanied by the ‘Circus of Sighs’ – a big top with very strange and deadly attractions – he is a regular visitor to the area.

1870 – TFV office opened

In 1865, Fallcoast native and long term Hunter, Alexander Lockhorst, leaves the region to help set up Task Force Valkyrie in Washington D.C. One of their first tasks was to shoot the zombie virus carrying Abraham Lincoln through the brain and they were soon flourishing through the country. In 1870, Lockhorst returned to his home town to set up a clandestine TFV office which has existed in one form or another ever since.

1860 – Arrival of Ashwood Abbey

Bjorn Zago and his entourage of hangers-on and general layabouts arrive in Fallcoast to establish the Ashwood Abbey. Drawn here by the numerous encounters with the supernatural in the region they are reluctantly accepted by the other Hunters. In return for assistance in Hunting their prey away from the twin towns, the Abbey agree to conditions designed not to antagonise the local horrors.

1842-1845 – New Uplifting Hall constructed

The first Hall for S.U.H. burned down in mysterious circumstances in 1842 and a new hall was finished in 1845 on the same location. This was actually a deliberate move on behalf of the members so that they could install underground bunkers and wards over the whole area with less suspicion than if they attempted to modify the old hall.

1803 – Crawford Massacre

The Crawford family disappeared trying to establish a small community on the ridge which now overlooks the reservoir. The bodies of all but the head of the family were found the next summer and all had been partially eaten…by humans. It is rumoured that Mr Crawford and his descendants still live there and a number of people go missing up there every year.

The Eighteenth Century

1780 – The Silith and the Foundation of the Society for the Uplifting of Humanity

The Demons were back in Hell. The monsters of the dark were under control. There was an understanding with the Merfolk. Everything was calm and quiet. And then the Echoes arrived…though they may have always been here. Fallcoast almost fell and the entire population eradicated in a single night but the Hunters reacted just in time – with the aid of some of their enemies. The Echoes (aka The Silith) are thought to have been destroyed but can a reflection ever be eradicated?

In celebration of their hard won, and close, victory, the Hunters of the area established the Society for the Uplifting of Humanity. Here it was confirmed that the city of Fallcoast and its people should be first and foremost in the hearts and minds of any Hunter. It was also established that a vampire or a werewolf or other creature who resided in Fallcoast and protected it as their own was better than one who had no interest in the town’s prosperity.

1758 – The Cassandra

A ship laden with refugees from Europe sinks off the coast on a placid night and calm seas. There are many rumors about what happened, ranging from corrupt city officials hoping to plunder the treasure to a giant squid dragging the passengers and crew to Hell. Hunter investigations reveal the Merfolk, though they were innocent of the actual sinking, but the cause is still unknown.

1710 – Lucifuge arrive

The first known Lucifuge, Emily Baron, arrives and marries a local merchant. Bradford’s work had left the gates of Hell open and it was time for the Demons to be returned there. This is also one of the first examples of Hunters working together for the common good of the region. MM survivors and the Lucifuge united in this battle, often employing Union volunteers and Knight bounty hunters, to achieve their aim.

The Seventeenth Century

1695 – Knights of St. Adrian

One group that was not afraid of Minister Bradford were the Knights of St Adrian. Mixed among the tattooed sailors who visited Copper’s Point were a few of God’s bounty hunters. They took up the gauntlet of protecting the area while other Hunters were immobilised by Minister Bradford’s reign of terror.

1693-1698 – The Reign of Minister Bradford

Minister Bradford was never considered a Hunter by other Hunters. His vendetta was far too personal and made too many innocents suffer for him to be one of them. Hunters were subject to his hatred as much as any other and while many tried to continue their Vigil, many more were too afraid to act.

1640s – Malleus Malleficarum arrive

Copper’s Point rises and the Malleus Maleficarum arrive. Since this is a predominately Puritan settlement, the ‘Romans’ are not made very welcome and they are forced to establish their church on the outskirts of town. The first recorded agent was Father Benedict Jarvis and he often wrote to Rome about the strangeness of the region, urging a stronger presence and ejection of the Puritans. He was last heard of in 1693, one of the first to disappear with the arrival of Minister Bernard. The MM were forced underground during the reign of Bernard, their church burned and Roman mass were banned until 1715.

1630s – The Ascending Ones rumoured

Jeremiah Polk arrives in 1632. The Ascending Ones have always claimed him to be one of theirs but local criminal records merely record a vagrant who smoked ‘a straynge tobacco that causes lazyness and inopportune immoral comments’. Polk disappears from the records around 1653 after proclaiming he was off to make peace between the natives and the Echoes. This is the first mention of the Echoes (aka Silith). It is not known for certain what became of his mission but native legends tell of a pale man with crazed eyes who set out for the home of the Echoes and was never seen again.

1630 – Fallcoast and The Union founded

In places where the strange and dangerous are an everyday occurrence it does not take long for brave citizens to band together and form what is today known as The Union. Though they never called themselves that, at least not for a couple of hundred years, they are the antecedents of those people who protect their families and their towns against the creatures of the dark. And with the founding of Fallcoast in 1630, there were plenty such creatures in the dark woods, the cold ocean and even in the ground itself.

The Society for the Uplifting of Humanity

Founding Principles

All persons or organisations devoted to the Hunting of evil can assume the full support of the Society and its members.

No person or organisation will place itself ahead of the people of Fallcoast and Hanging Hills.

The 1916 Convention Addendum

A creature that resides in and therefore protects Fallcoast and region shall be considered inviolate unless they break this pact by wantonly attacking or doing damage to citizens or their property beyond acceptable levels.

All intelligence shall be pooled by all members of the S.U.H. to better enable defence and attack by all.

All intelligence is freely available to all members at any time of the day or night.

Membership and Support

All Hunters are considered members of the S.U.H. and are allowed to attend any meetings of the group. Any Hunting events noted as ‘SUH ordained’ are open to all Hunters.

The S.U.H. is able to give research assistance and holds records of all Hunter activities, and their foes, for the last 350 years.