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There is no supplied Starting Equipment for Hunters. Any equipment they use has to be acquired as per any other PC.

The best way for Hunters to acquire equipment would be via +lairs as part of a cell. This allows you to buy Armories and communal safehouse merits at cheaper prices and for all who contribute. You do need at least 3 PCs to establish a +lair.

Notes on Weapons

The weapons of a Hunter are subject to the laws of the areas they find themselves in (see Useful Weapon Laws for details). PCs should be aware of the dangers of carrying around illegal or restricted weapons in the open.

Conspiracies can organise for their agents to get 'Conceal and Carry' permits but that doesn't help much if you're carrying around an assault rifle. Remember that you are most likely undercover as well so if you feel that an Armory in your bedroom may not be a wise move then keep a pistol nearby but the heavy stuff at a base or secure and secret armory location.

Hunters from Compacts do not have as formal a support and must get any permits required themselves.