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The Cheiron Group

The Cheiron Group (CONSPIRACY)

Established in 1904, though its roots go further than that, the Cheiron Group is a pharmaceutical and medical supply company that has made huge amounts of money helping the sick. Though there are reasons that it is at the forefront of research. Cheiron Hunt to gather ingredients from the monsters; the recuperative blood of some creatures, the iron-like flesh of others, the eagle eyes of another. This is Hunting as big business where the desired end product is a higher share price rather than a safer world.

Their Hunters are modified by the addition of monster parts/produce that enables them to do their job better. It can also be a slippery path to monster status themselves and the Group is always on the watch for agents who forget they are human.

Playing the Cheiron Group

  • You are here to make money, just like any other corporation. And just like any other corporation, this means good customer relations, decent prices and service and a reputation for good quality. Blowing up half a city block is not an example of this. No one wants to do business, particularly this kind of business, with people who can’t keep their mouths shut or their activities unknown.
  • The enhancements to your body are there to enable you to do your job better. They are not there to make you into a monster. If you become more monster than human then you will start to be considered an uncontrollable liability and may find yourself back on the operating table and not wanting to be there.
  • Capturing potential parts is much better than destroying them. It is easier for Cheiron Research to know what glands and organs do when the original user is still alive and using them.
  • There will be competition with other Cheiron groups for limited resources but at the end of the day you all work for the same company and the same balance sheet. By all means give them misinformation, steal product from under their noses, make them look fools…but resorting to violence and murder is a waste of corporate assets.
  • Remember that Hunters are not here to annoy other spheres. There are plenty of monsters out there to gather ingredients from if need be that are not player spheres. Keep in mind that most parts for insertion into agents already exist and can be ordered from stores. You do not have to get fresh parts on the day of your surgery.
  • Cheiron agents can range from physically adept retrieval agents to scientifically adept surgeons/researchers (some call them mad scientists). You could even be a very effective salesman with unique stock.
  • Cheiron are quite happy to buddy up with other Hunter groups. They have information they may want and, even better, could do all the hard work and let Cheiron sweep in to pick up what they need after the battle has been fought. Though some other groups may not find this behaviour very helpful.

Cheiron Group IC



Becoming a Cheiron

Becomings should treat Cheiron as the big business, highly discrete organization - with activities that border on the illegal - that it is. How would a corporation head hunt potential assets - though not literally in this case. Any potential Cheiron should show abilities or a history that is worthy of notice and possible recruitment. Potential Cheiron should be discrete and, perhaps, be able to put morality behind profit if need be. Their actions in the Becoming should reflect values that Cheiron prize or at least show potential to be the kind of person who could adapt.

With these requirements, potential Cheiron can expect to have been watched and investigated by the group (this will most likely be NPC based research/actions). Cheiron recruiters may even go as far as asking a PC's friends about them - though obviously they will represent themselves as employees of 'a Fortune 500 company' rather than name names.

PCs can expect a probationary period after recruitment which will involve assessment of their actions in missions of various natures, as well as how they react to their new world.

Theme Song

Weird Science


Thaumatechnology – see Endowments for details.

House Rules

Conspiracies do not allow any Mortal+.


IMPORTANT: To be a member of a faction you must have at least one dot in the skill that the specialty applies to. People in that faction automatically get the relevant specialty because all of their operatives are expected to need it through the work they do. Therefore, since you cannot have a specialty without a dot in the skill attached, PCs should have the relevant skill when selecting a faction.

Name Description Specialty
Retrieval Igors. You've got a monster part and they want it. Medicine:Amputation
Recruitment Cheiron Group wants you. No really, they do. Subterfuge:Corporate Doublespeak
Field Research Spies and practitioners of corporate espionage. Science:Experimentation



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