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If you are using a Becoming to be a Hunter then also read this - Becoming A Hunter

What it's like to be a Hunter


Rules and Systems

Hunters and Supernatural/Minor Templates

  • As per our house rules, those with a supernatural template are not allowed to join Hunter groups. Those who gain a major template while part of the Hunter sphere are assumed to have left the sphere, and are expected to be able to supply an 'exit strategy' OOCly before their Becoming will be approved, showing how they propose to Become out of the Sphere without being Hunted as a liability.
  • Minor templates are also prohibited in the Hunter sphere, either apped in or acquired on the grid, except as permitted by Compact. This is also outlined in the house rules and who each Compact will accept can be found on their individual wiki pages. This prohibition includes both 'but they would want me because of it' concepts and 'but they'll never know' concepts. Please contact staff if you have concerns or questions.
  • For purposes of alt distribution, Hunters of the 3rd Tier/Major Conspiracies are considered M+. Those in the 2nd Tier Compacts are considered Mortal. For more discussion, see the House Rules page.

Local Hunters

Current Hunter Characters
PCs by Compact
Ashwood Abbey The Long Night Loyalists of Thule
Maiden's Blood Sisterhood Network Zero


Null Mysteriis


The Union
PCs by Conspiracy
The Ascending Ones Cheiron Group Knights of St. Adrian
Lucifuge Malleus Maleficarum Task Force Valkyrie
The Fallen
Those Who Have Made the Ultimate Sacrifice

Recent Scenes

"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."
Friedrich Nietzsche
"Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun."
- Ash Williams

Character Generation

  • Hunter is currently open.
  • Please see App Standards for game-wide application standards.

All applications start in character generation, allowing you to set up your basic mortal app save for XP spends. You'll enter your background there and set your starting stats. A job will be created in the Hunter bucket by the system automatically.

Below is the information you need to include in that job so that your application can be processed (Note that some of the information is only relevant if you have the Professional Training merit. See Professional Training and Professonal Training Merit Details for info on that merit):

Hunter template information.
  1. Conspiracy/Compact
  2. Faction of Conspiracy/Compact (see Compact/Conspiracy wiki pages for faction options). You must choose a faction.
  3. Desired Status in Conspiracy/Compact (default is 1)
  4. Profession (Professional Training template type). If it is a custom profession then you should have a +note explaining the details.
  5. A Professional Contact for each dot of Professional Training (if applicable)
  6. Asset Skills - please include your third asset skill if you will leave chargen with Professional Training of 2 or more (if applicable)
  7. One free Asset Skill Specialty from Professional Training (if applicable)
  8. Three Tactics. Please ensure you have the minimum requirements for any Tactic you choose. If not, they can be gained post-chargen when you do. In other words, the first three Tactics your character chooses will be free. You may hold off on selecting Tactics during chargen if you wish. Please carefully review the minimum required participants for each Tactic and converse with your cell if you are applying into one.
  9. Any other corrections due to limitations in chargen.
Starting XP and Incentives

Starting XP

All characters receive 550xp to spend when being created. Please spend as much of it as you can but you do not have to spend it all.

You do not have to wait for your XP to be allocated to your character to submit your chargen spends.

Incentive XP for Hunter

  • At this time, due to the recent increase in starting XP, we are not offering any additional incentive XP for the sphere.

Morality Sell Downs:

You may drop up to two points of Morality and receive 5xp per drop. Remember to roll to the chargen job for derangement once it has been created - +roll 6 = job <###> and +roll 5 = job <###>. Where # is the current job number - remember it changes every day. The command +myjobs will show the current number. (If you have dropped one point, then only do the 6 roll. If you have dropped two points, then do both rolls).

XP Spends
  1. Preference is for players to use the +xpreq system which will generate another job to contain spends as well as the code for staff to apply them. Remember you do not have to wait for XP to be allocated to your character to submit your chargen XP spends.
  2. Otherwise, add to the original job created when you leave chargen in the following format: Cost:Stat Name Current Level to Level Purchased (eg 15:Stamina 2 to 3)
  3. Make sure you include any information for 'specifics' on a purchase. If you buy contacts, give the details on the contact. So: 2:Contacts 0 to 1 / City Official
  4. Remember that Contacts and Allies are groups/organizations not individuals. When choosing a group etc for a Contact/Ally, please make them geographically and function specific. For example, Local Criminal Lawyers rather than Lawyers. Some types of Contacts/Allies may legitimately be 'universal'. For example, Hacker contacts could be anywhere in the world thanks to the internet. If in doubt, please contact staff.
Other Information
  1. Remember that you get to choose three Tactics to start with. If you are already in a cell or group app then these should be chosen with the other members in mind as they require other Hunters to work properly.
  2. Do not include your starting equipment request in your application. That should be submitted on a different job to equipment staff (see Equipment for details).
  3. Any Animal Retainers are also a separate request (see Animal_Retainer for details).
  4. Please make sure that your +finger, PC sex (@sex me=<M or F>), description (@desc me=<blah>), short description (&short-desc me=<blah>) etc. are all set prior to submitting for final approval. A character cannot be approved without a description.

Application Guidelines

Non-XP Incentive
  1. Members of a conspiracy get their FIRST dot of endowment free. It is not to be used to get the 4th dot of an endowment, it must be used to get the first dot of a chosen endowment.
  2. Members of a compact get their FIRST dot in their one endowment free.
  3. Status does not cost XP to buy but it must be justified to staff. The expectation is that most characters will start on grid with a Status of 1. Higher status must be justified in their backgrounds and will not be automatically approved. The maximum status allowed out of Chargen will be 2.
  1. Character backgrounds can either be narrative or dot points. Please use the standard Mortal background questions but with the following added questions:
  2. How, when and why did you first become involved with your Compact/Conspiracy?
  3. What have you done in your Compact/Conspiracy in the time that you have been involved. Note that this is especially important if you desire to leave chargen with Status higher than 1.
Backgrounds and Stats/Attributes/Merits

Please ensure that your Background and Stats/Attributes/Merits mesh together. If, for example, you have a background that insists that you are a genius and have a boatload of degrees but you don't have one dot in Academics then you will probably be asked to redo something. Likewise, if you have been a soldier/athlete etc but have no physical skills beyond average - or at all - then it may be questioned.

There may be reasons for disparaties as mentioned above but if so then they should be mentioned in your BG.

Sheet Guidelines
  1. No more than 3 (in total) fours and/or fives in Attributes (after starting XP has been spent).
  2. No more than 3 (in total) fours and/or fives in Skills (after starting XP has been spent).
  3. Fives in anything must be justified and mentioned in your background.
  4. No more than a single one in Attributes (after starting XP has been spent).
  5. Character creation only Merits must be bought with Merit points.
  6. The fifth dot of an attribute, skill, or merit costs two dots.

Reviewing your Merit/Tactic/Endowment purchases to be sure you meet all the prerequisites (they are all listed on the relevant pages of the wiki), and including the qualifier/information for merits that need one (like striking looks, retainer, contacts, ect.) as well as setting +notes on yourself with the stats/description of all retainers, relics, and staff will save a great deal of time in processing your application. If you need any help doing any of these then please let Staff know.

Please keep in mind that just because your PC meets the listed requirements does not mean that staff will approve your sheet as-is. We do not want to keep people on a tight leash, but if we feel as though you are abusing the line of what is acceptable stat-wise, we will ask you to change it. We reserve this right. There is no particularly bad type of character created, though if the stats don't make sense for the concept, we'll work with you to make sure it makes sense.

Please also be aware that if you have things on your +sheet or that you are requesting something that needs approval or a once over by other staff/players (Such as relics, animal retainers, mystery cult initiation, family apps, equipment) then this may cause a delay in your approval.

Wanted Concepts

If you would like a wanted concept to be added here then please notify Hunter staff.

  1. Any Mortal+ templates, unless permitted by Compact This means no one with known paranormal heritage or abilities having an exception made for them because of how useful they'd be, and no one 'sneaking in' with undisclosed heritage/abilities.
  2. Compacts and Conspiracies: Aegis Kai Doru, Barrett Commission, Bear Lodge, Cainite Heresy, Division Six, Heritage House, Hunt Club, Illuminated Brotherhood, Keepers of the Source, Knights of St. George, Les Mysteres, Night Watch, Promethean Brotherhood, The Talbot Group, VASCU.
  3. Any concept that revolves solely around PK or hunting PCs.
  4. Slashers (this includes PCs set up to be psychopaths).
Suggested Ideas
  1. Occultist
  2. Mythologist
  3. Social Warriors
  4. Reporters/Bloggers
  5. Private Investigators
  6. Academics
  7. Explorers
  8. Mad Scientists
  9. Police
Discouraged Ideas
  1. Experts in everything. Having one area of expertise is okay, knowing everything? That's just boring.
  2. Concepts looking to Hunter as a springboard to another sphere instead of a focus of play.

Solo Hunters

Hunters (with a captial H) belong to a Compact or Conspiracy. It is that connection, however loose IC, that gives them the benefits associated with Hunter characters. If you wish to be a hunter with no starting connection to any group then you should begin as a Mortal Tier 1 Hunter (see Playing Mortals for details).

A Hunter who belongs to a Compact or Conspiracy does not need to be in a Cell. They can operate individually if they wish. However, and especially in a Conspiracy, they can be expected to be called on to do work for/with others if they wish to continue receiving support.