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“Someone didn't bother reading my carefully prepared
memo on commonly-used passwords. Now, then,
as I so meticulously pointed out,the four
most-used passwords are: love, sex, secret, and...”
— 'The Plagus; Hackers

xxxxxInformation is just a series of ones and zeros stored somewhere in the electronic haze of the world. Haywood liked to play with it, a master of the computational arts and provider of all sorts of technical nerdery advice. It helps that he is a good boy at least, and doesn't use his powers for the forces of evil. That, and he does have some actual powers...

RP Hooks
  • Thorpe! He's a member of that lovely law abiding family...
  • NERRRDDDDDD. Are you nerd enough to nerd about nerd things? Awesome.
  • No like seriously, he's a super nerd.

Also a Psychic

  • Member of OMEGA if you happen to be one
  • Can be detected as such, if you can detect such things.
  • Sparks fly with electrokinetics around

Konami Code Engaged

  • Now, with more immortality

OOC Note: Relic Maker

  • Builds hypertech style relics. Example: Sonic Screwdriver (Skeleton Key), Star Gate (Unnatural Travel).

MoreNerdHaywood.jpeg Haywoodembarassed.gif 56546.jpg

Full Name: Haywood Thorpe
Date of Birth: 25 May, 1990
Apparent Age: Early twenties
Family: Thorpe
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Pride
Occupation: Programmer/Hacker
Template: Psychic/Eternal
Appears As: Haywood

Johnathan Coulton - Code Monkey

Code Monkey get up get coffee
Code Monkey go to job
Code Monkey have boring meeting
With boring manager Rob

deadmau5 - There might be coffee

<Do you really expect there to be lyrics in a deadmau5 song?>

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