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Detective Harrison Cavanaugh

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not shoot,
The courage to shoot the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies.”

– Unknown Sniper


xxxxxHarrison has been on the Fallcoast Police Force for nearly twenty years. A plainclothes detective in the Major Crimes Division, he never rose up in rank due to a combination of the time constraints of being a single father - and the rumors of drinking int he evenings. With a Bachelors in Police Science from John Jay School of Criminal Justice in New York, Harrison is well educated in the ways of police, well connected... and he's "been there, done that"... having seen everything that there is to be seen as a detective. Very few things knock his composure. Other, that is, than the loss of his wife nearly twenty years ago... and anything that endangers his daughter.

RP Hooks
  • Local... Harrison was born and bred in Fallcoast as a member of the Cavanaugh family. Got married. Had a child. His wife went missing. And he raised their daughter by himself.
  • Single Dad... He was deeply in love with his wife - who went missing (and whose case has never been solved), and so raised their child Emily all by himself. Emily is his reason for living... and he has done everything possible to raise her properly. Including taking her to ballet... and teaching her how to fight. She's taken more to the second.
  • FPD... Harrison is a long time member of the FPD, a detective in the Major Crimes Division and the FPD SWAT Sniper lead. Well educated, this sharpshooter specialist is well-connected in law enforcement.
  • University... Harrison is a Criminology professor at St. John's University. A first year teacher, he's bringing his passion to the now-popular Criminology 101 class and other advanced courses.
  • Cavanaugh Family - He grew up with lots of money, as a Cavanaugh. He was always the protector type, giving younger cousins piggy back rides and protecting them from bullies. But once grown up... he married for love, and as such he found himself cut off from most of the family money, for she wasn't... accepted. And so he became a police officer - rising rather quickly through the ranks and becoming one of the top sharpshooters. After his wife went missing, the family began to accept him again - if nothing else out of kindness to his daughter.
  • Psychic... He is one. A Seer. Probably why he does so well as a detective. And why he's sought after for information in the supernatural community.
  • Supernatural... He is well aware of the supernatural and is 'known' as a police officer that supernatural beings can approach to help keep the supernatural off the radar of the un-Aware.

  • Family
    • Lily - He never realized he could love someone this much... Wow!
    • Emily - His daughter whom he raised as a single dad. Former ballerina and gymnast. Good shot.
    • Nalla - Claims she's his daughter, too!
    • Jessica - His cousin. Always one of his favorites growing up. "Sweetpea".
    • Marjorie - His cousin. About the same age, the two have a long history of having each others' backs.
    • Ashley - His best friend and confidante.
  • Friends
    • Aisling - Work-wife. Partner. Calls him the "Old Man".


xxxxxThe man wanted for nothing. Why? He was a Cavanaugh. The best schools, the 'right' friends... and a path to be anything he wanted to be. He had decided early on that he wanted to be a police officer. Maybe it was those games of cops and robbers on the family estate. Maybe it was that his father took him shooting 'just in case he needed it' early on. Harrison wasn't just good at shooting. He was great at it. By the time he was a young teenager, he was already one of the best shots in Fallcoast. What he didn't tell others is that he had developed some 'tricks' to help call up his reserves of energies to be faster, stronger, a better aim. He was a psychic... a natural at biokinesis. Only he never told his colleagues - or family. He just used his natural advantages.

xxxxxBut the man didn't want to go into the military... it was the police for him. And so he went college for that very purpose. And where did he go? John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. Where the best of the best in law enforcement go. While he wasn't at the bottom of his class, he wasn't at the top either... other than in marksmanship, where he excelled in every test possible.

xxxxxComing back to Fallcoast after college, he married the girl who had caught his eye in high school - a beauty named Sarah. She wasn't from money. She wasn't from power. But she was stunningly beautiful and she treated Harrison well... which led to him falling head over heels over her. A quick elopement followed upon his return to Fallcoast. Returning, he started his job on the Police force... and discovered two important facts. First... his wife had gotten pregnant on their honeymoon. Second... his family didn't approve of the woman or the elopement, and for the most part... cut him off.

xxxxxDespite not being happy with his financial state, Sarah stayed with him, and the man began earning a good living - sharpshooters get good pay even when not on SWAT. Emily was born nine months later... the joy of his life. And then tragedy struck. When Emily was but a baby, Sarah went missing. Twenty years later, the mystery remains unsolved... no evidence. Keys and wallet left at home. Clearly she was taken... but still not found.

xxxxxAnd so Harrison focused on the three things he had left in his life with his wife gone. First: Emily. His daughter. His pride and joy. She could hack bodies to pieces and eat them, and she'd still do no wrong in his eyes. He raised her as best a single father could. He ensured she had every activity she needed - such as ballet. Luckily the family had relented and helped out with funds to raise Emily - letting the two back in now that the "troublemaker" mother was gone. The second area of his focus in life: shooting. He got good. Very good. Every day he'd practice, often taking is daughter or others who wanted to learn. The third? Drinking. Why drinking? That was the only way the nightmares would go away - nightmares of what may have happened to his beloved Sarah.

xxxxxHe continued on the force - and made the rank of Detective on the major crimes squad. He never rose up higher because of the combination of the time constraints from being a single dad... and the hangovers that came from drinking. And that is where we find Harrison today...



Vital Stats
Date of Birth: 03/17/1973. St. Patrick's Day.
Apparent Age: 43
Occupation: Detective & Professor
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Gluttony

Family: Cavanaugh

Firearms ●●●●●
Intelligence ●●●●
Composure ●●●●
Biokinesis ●●●●