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My witness is the empty sky.

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Name Harley Abernathy
Apparent Age Eighteenish
Occupation Artist
Family Abernathy
Sphere Changing Breeds
Breed Wapathemwa (Opossum)
Accord Root Weaver
Band None
Paint, Paint, Paint!

Local: She was born and raised here. In fact, she lives in the 'abandoned' home she grew up with with her family in Fisherman's Row. Her dad and three sister's died in a home invasion in 2014, and the house has laid forgotten and boarded up since. She ran away from home in 2013, never really attending Four Towns Memorial High like she was supposed to. Maybe you knew her?

Abernathy: That house she grew up in, and now hides out in? It was a Museum of Eccentric Arts. She might not look like she belongs to the Addams Family, but she attended the old-fashioned family dinners with ghosts and all that with everyone else.

Gender: She's transgender. She began transitioning as a child, and her close family was very loving. Some relatives were jerks, but what are you going to do? She's lived as a girl almost her entire life.

Possum: The girl is a were-possum. Really. She tends to be nocturnal and such, and she carries a few of the other personality traits from her breed, though she is more sociable.

Artist: She paints and sculpts, and she is pretty fantastic. She sells them to eat, but gets almost nothing for them, due to selling them via busking. She has a roof over her head and running water, but she might as well be homeless. She has a wild, creative spirit. She is also a very, very skilled carpenter.

Friends And Frenemies
Music for Dancing

[ Collapsing Stars] — Mountain Goats

When we hid out behind the risers at the high school
Working bitter calculations with a slide rule
The grim particulars of poisoning the swimming pool
The way you looked me in the eye, ready to die

We were becoming what we are
Collapsing stars

When we chewed up children's aspirin like bubblegum
Till our hearts were beating deep and rich as kettle drums
We knew if we waited long enough the change would come
And then the day did come, and at last

Hold tight
Hold fast
Catch lightning in a jar
Collapsing stars

[ American Teens] — That Poppy

I live under a rock with a blacklight
I'm a dumb pop star in my own right
Started life at age 15, got ahead with fake ID's
If you're with me
Sold my soul to the man with a handshake
Lost control but I don't think it's too late
We're dying young on broadcast news
Forever 21 is cool if I make it

So I burned all my shit in a bonfire
All my teen regrets were a trip wire
I should be everything you hate
I should be higher now than space but I'm static

Liberty isn't cheap and it ain't free
I'm a millennial blame it all on me

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