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From Crow Hollow Reservoir, narrow roads wind their way from the reservoir into a thickening forest which lines the two-lane roads with walls of tall trees. Much of the light of the sun's blocked until high noon. Occasionally a side roads leading to homes, an abandoned house, small family farms or even a clearing to park for forest walks joins the narrow roads here. Potholes from winter freeze/thaw cycles make the side roads precarious, and some roads may merely be gravel; there the gravel is often semi-evenly placed, leaving the chunks of the road as bare dirt.

There are also paths parallel to the road that show wagon ruts, as though there is or once was a small caravan that travels alongside the road using older methods of transportation. The area is not as populated as it once was; since logging left Crow Hollow and has been replaced by conservation, businesses are rare, but there are still dwellings littered along the road or deeper into the countryside. Anyone who does live here has to make quite the effort to visit a neighbour. The land has recovered from the predations of loggers in previous decades and hunters rarely use these woods.

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H02 - Northwest Crow Hollow Woods - Hanging Hills

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