Grizzly's Chopshop

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“75% of quotations are made up on the spot and attributed to someone who sounds credible but who's really full of it.”

– Baron von Munchausen


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xxxxxFrom the oil stains on the floor to the titty calendar hanging over the register, this ain't where SUV-driving soccer moms come to get their oil changed and their wiper blades switched: this is a chopshop, specializing in motorcycles and the sort of trucks that start bar fights over makes and drip testosterone when driven (or ostensibly do, opinions vary). Twin bays are busy every day with local business, cars and bikes up so that the staff can perform their work. Despite the acrid, oily smell of the place, the tool boxes and part shelves along the left and back wall are impeccably sorted and labeled: a tool is only worthwhile if you can find it, after all.

xxxxxThe right wall has a door that leads into a small office-slash-apartment, where the owner's cot can be seen when the door's left open. In front of the door, the desk, with its cash register, credit card machine and old-fashioned hand-written appointment book, is graced by a rolling office chair that's at least 1/3 duct tape, the silvery stuff holding together back, seat and arms.

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Grizzly's Chopshop
Location: E01
Owner: NPC
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