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Grimm Sternburg
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In the dictionary of Cat, mercy is missing.
Jane Hirshfield

  • Nature: He loves the great outdoors, and much more than people at that.'
  • Conservationist: Grimm works for a local conservation just outside of Fallcoust proper.'
  • Crazy Cat Man: He owns twelve, and isn't shy about taking in any stray he happens upon.'
  • Changeling: Taken by The Cait Sith in the summer of 2010.'
  • Summer: Since 2016, and is currently a Man-At-Arms.'
  • Ranging: Grimm often goes into the Hedge. Sometimes to hunt, sometimes to explore. He regularly brings back oddities and oddments just for the hell of it.'
  • Nature: When alone and out of prying eyes he regularly speaks to plantlife, and they're worse gossips than any old man at the market after church.'
  • Champion: He's been a member of the Parliament of Victors for the last 3 years, and doesn't show any signs of giving up his hard-earned title of Champion..'