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A hero is a man that does what he can.

Is a taller than average middle eastern man with a thick beard, long hair and an athletic build. He has light brown skin and black hair. His hair is normally pulled back in a ponytail to be kept neat.. It is let loose only when he is relaxing or in private. His beard while thick is always kept neat as well as his mustache. He is most often found in a suit or business casual wear when something more low key is asked for..

RP Hooks
  • Business. - Is a businessman and is known to help others start up their business.
  • Combat - Gilgamesh is often seen training in a broad variety of fighting styles.
  • Arrow. - He is one and is proud of that fact.
  • Myth and Legends. - He is well versed in ancient stories and legends.
  • Monster Slayer - Things that go bump in the night or were summoned bothering you? Gilgamesh is happy to help you with your problem.

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Shadowname Name: Gilgamesh
Played By: Abbas Jafri
Appears As: Gilgamesh
Date of Birth: May 10th 1990
Apparent Age: 30s
Occupation: Businessman
Virtue: Righteous
Vice: Arrogance
Spheres: Mage
Other Info
Path Thyrsus
Order Adamantine Arrow
Faction The Crucible
Eminem - Kings Never Die
Here to stay
Even when I'm gone
When I close my eyes
Through the passage of time
Kings never die
Black Veil Brides - In the End
Who will tell the story of your life?
In the end, as my soul's laid to rest
What is left of my body?
Through it all
I have given my heart for a moment of glory

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