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Active Krewes

Mors' Dirige Kharon's Lucerna

Ancient krewe bound by duty: they must provide guidance to those within Tartarus who need it most.

Members: Kilo, Rictus, Dolly, Seth, Ismael, Sabo, Amber, Liberty, Bob, Probationary members: Isrieal Honorary members:

Contact: Kilo or any member

Holdings: (Prospective) Old Millhaven Penitentiary Gate and Haunt A02

Recruiting Status: Open



Enlightened Bulwark

A group of Sin-Eaters dedicated to defense, knowledge, power and understanding the Underworld. Potential Krewe

Members: Lynneth, Basilio, Bob, Rezart, Kate

Contact: Lynneth

Holdings: Bodkin Research and Investigations C02, Renovated Warehouse A01

Recruiting Status: Open

Starting a Krewe?

Krewe members showing up in this list? Try this:

On the Krewe's page, fill out this near the bottom of the code, particularly all the Names under Members, and the right name for Name field.

{{ Group
| name = 
| synopsis = 
| members = [[Name]]
| contact = [[Name]]
| holdings = 
| recruiting = 
| links = 

Historic/Inactive Krewes

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