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Deathmarks and Anchors

What Are Deathmarks?

xxxxxDeathmarks are a way for someone with ghost-sight to tell if someone else is about to die. Alternately, it's a way for someone with death sight to tell how a ghost died. Every ghost has a set of "marks" that indicate their Threshold. The Thresholds are as follows:

  • Torn – Death by violence (even suicide).
  • Stricken – Death by illness or some other medical malfeasance.
  • Silent – Death by neglect of some kind (starvation, lack of air, etc).
  • Prey – Death by nature (can be having been killed by a bear, or falling down an avalanche; nature is involved somehow).
  • Forgotten – Death by misfortune (wrong place, wrong time).

So what the hell are Thresholds?

xxxxxThresholds are a way to see how someone died, but more importantly a means of investigating how someone died. Anyone with a trained eye and the ability to see the dead might recognize the Torn ghost of a murder victim. This way, someone could potentially figure out what might anchor a ghost to Twilight and, vis-a-vis, the real world. If someone find's a ghost's anchor, they're able to control a ghost.
xxxxxWhat an anchor does is allow a ghost to maintain their connection – albeit tenuous – to the real world. Anchors can be literally anything, person, plant, animal, or object. It doesn't matter, so long as the anchor in question was somehow important to a ghost. A ghost, however, will rarely have their anchor be their corpse. Most ghosts don't like to consider themselves as such, and will usually ignore the fact that they're dead. Also, they might not know they are.

How does someone not know they're dead?

Good question! A ghost is only semi-sentient. Ghosts are an echo of the person they used to be, the strongest aspects of that person's personality. As such, all ghosts have Virtues and Vices and only act in accordance to those Virtues or Vices. What this means is that a wrathful ghost will probably consistently be angry. A ghost whose Vice is Justice will likely be searching for his or her killer. A ghost with Gluttony as a vice is excessively dangerous and he'll likely attempt to control or manipulate humans for their essence. This is how to RP out ghosts. Pick a Virtue and Vice, and play it to the hilt. The only exception is the Underworld, where ghosts are old enough to have attained almost regular sentience and...

Aren't there powers that let you bind a ghost to yourself?

...powers that bind a ghost to yourself, yes. If you have a bound ghost, either through Unliving Anchor, Ghost Ally, the Death Arcanum, Bind Anchor, etc., etc., etc. then the ghost will retain a degree of sentience greater and surpassing than that of its fellow dead. This doesn't cause it to become more powerful; however, it tends to be more erudite when spoken to due to the fact that someone has magically enhanced it.


xxxxxOn Fallcoast, ghosts have a Rank, similar to demons or spirits. We've got it in a chart which indicates about the power-level most ghosts will be. It's slightly different than spirits due to ghosts being shades (pun maybe intended) of a human's former life.
Rank Type of Ghost Trait Limits Attribute Dots Maximum Essence# Numina*
1 Apparition 5 dots 5-8 10 1 Numen
2 Poltergeist 7 dots 9-14 15 3 Numina
3 Skinrider/Lesser Unfettered Geist 9 dots 15-25 20 5 Numina
4 Unfettered Geist/Lesser Kerberos 12 dots 26-35 25 7 Numina
5 Kerberos 15 dots 36-45 50 9 Numina
6 Greater Kerberos  ??  ??  ??  ??
7 Anomaly of the Lower Mysteries  ??  ??  ??  ??
8 Cthonian  ??  ??  ??  ??
9 Deathlord  ??  ??  ??  ??
10 Deathlord Ascendant Assume God-Like Incredible Power

xxxxx * Unfettered Geists typically only have 3 or 4 Numina. They also receive one Key and one Manifestation that they can use
xxxxx # Ghost Essence is calculated via Power + Finesse; ghosts can, however, gain more Essence than that for a scene by ectophagia -- eating their own -- or through consuming offrendas given by mortals or using their Numina to interact with humans to a degree that works with their Vice or Virtue

Approved Numina

  • Accelerate - Summ, p. 221 - Note: If placed in a Fetter, the Sin-Eater must use a different Numina as one of the other actions.

  • Animal Control - WoD p. 210 - Note: If used in a Fetter, Sin-Eater controls a number of animals equal to Manipulation.

  • Apprehend - BotD p. 152 - Note: Cannot be used in a Fetter.

  • Awe - GMC p. 228 - Note: Replaces Fearstruck. This is the same Numen, with a different name.

  • Banshee Wail - GTS p. 233

  • Blast - GMC p. 229 - (See HR below)

  • Camouflage - BoS p. 138

  • Chain of Death - BoS p. 138

  • Clairvoyance - WoD p. 211

  • Clasp - BoS p. 139 - Note: Ghosts always use the same rules as Spirits for this.

  • Concealment - BoS p. 139

  • Commune - BoS p. 139 - May take more than once to represent different environments.

  • Compulsion - WoD p. 211

  • Consume Offering - GTS p. 281, BotD p. 120

  • Corpse Ride - BoS p. 139

  • Dement - GMC p. 229

  • Dissembling Guise - GTS p. 234, BotD p. 122

  • Emotional Aura - GMC p. 229

  • Ensnare - BoS p. 141

  • Essence Thief - GMC p. 229 - Note: This Numen replaces the old custom Numen Demon Eater, and does allow for use against Demons.

  • Firestarter - GMC p. 229

  • Freeze - BoS p. 141

  • Frequency - Summ p. 160

  • Ghost Sign - WoD p. 211

  • Ghost Speech - WoD p. 211

  • Hallucination - GMC p. 229

  • Harrow - BoS p. 142

  • Heal - BoS p. 142

  • Howl - BoS p. 142

  • Left-Handed Spanner - GMC p. 229

  • Manipulate Element - BoS p. 143 - May only be taken once for one element. Ghosts do not have Influence.

  • Omen Trance - BoS p. 144

  • Pathfinder - GMC p. 230 - Resistance applies for any location kept secret by its owner.

  • Rapture - GMC p. 230 - No derangement, target must be willing.

  • Reaching - BoS p. 146 - Note: This Numen can't be used in a Fetter, as Sin-Eaters don't have manifestation abilities.

  • Savant - BoS p. 146

  • Sleep Eater - BoS p. 146

  • Speed - GMC p. 230

  • Spirit Venom - BoS p. 147

  • Stalwart - GMC p. 230 - In physical form, use the higher of Resolve or Stamina.

  • Telekinesis - GMC p. 230

  • Telepathy - BoS p. 148

  • Thieve - BoS p. 148

  • Threshold - BoS p. 148

  • Unfetter - BoS p. 149

  • Wilds Sense - BoS p. 149

Numina House Rules

Power, Finesse, and Resistance are rolled when using Numina. Ghosts work based on the same limitations as Spirits and Demons in regards to Rank, wherein they receive a limitation on their stats due to Rank. For more information about that, see Book of Spirits, pg. 131. Unless otherwise indicated, these can also be used for Fetters (level 3 Mementos).


Damage from this Numen is untyped. It is a spiritual power that inflicts lethal damage. Whatever form the damage takes visually, be it fire, shards of silver, or beams of velociraptors, it is just special effects. Blasts that look like fire don't do aggravated damage to vampires, blasts that looks like silver doesn't do aggravated damage to werewolves, blasts that looks like ice don't freeze water. Use the version found on GMC page 229. Defense and non-supernatural armor do not apply.


  • Only useable on others, not the user him-/herself.
  • Heal one (1) bashing damage for every one (1) success.
  • Heal one (1) Lethal damage for every two (2) successes; must have no Bashing damage.
  • Heal one (1) point of Aggravated damage for every two (2) successes. Each point costs one (1) additional Essence; must have no Bashing or Lethal damage.


This is Line of Sight. It can be used with Reaching if a ghost finds itself in the Shadow.