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Any and all rules listed below may be altered by supernatural abilities. See the text for the specific ability to understand how this works. The rules below are the default for a normal ghost.

It should be noted that any reference to an apocalypse is indicating The Reach, not Fallcoast.

  • Ghosts cannot move further from their anchors than ([Power] x 10) yards.
  • Ghosts can move between Anchors by spending a Willpower point. This is a reflexive action, but as with all other Willpower expenditures, means they cannot spend another Willpower point that turn.
  • Ghosts default to having a single Anchor.
  • Ghosts have one Bane and one Ban.
    • Rank 1 ghosts all count Salt as their Bane unless something else is more culturally appropriate.
    • Rank 2 ghosts all count Holy Water as their Bane unless something else is more culturally appropriate.
    • Rank 3+ ghosts have increasingly specific Banes depending on their life and their existence as ghosts.
    • Ghost Bans are unique to each ghost (or sometimes shared by ghosts of similar cultural provenance); some are personality-based, while others are cultural.
  • Ghosts are always incorporeal, with two exceptions: a) use of the Manifestation Effect "Materialize"; b) unless affected by other specific powers. This means things in the material realm pass through them unless it is enchanted to affect ghosts, or is their Bane. They cannot touch or be touched without special powers, none of which are inherent to ghosts themselves.
  • Unless the PC has Ghost Speech Powers of some kind, either inherent in their template (such as Sin-Eaters) or purchased (such as Death or Shade & Spirit) they cannot freely talk to a ghost. Ghosts using the Ghost Speech Numen must spend essence/roll each turn to communicate. Trying to use charades/sign language with a Manifested ghost requires rolls too.
  • Ghosts cannot pick up or move objects outside of Twilight without using the Telekinesis Numina. Ephemeral objects are the exception.
  • Ghosts do not eat or drink. Using Telekinesis to mimic it will still make a mess on the floor.
  • Ghosts have very little freedom of thought. They are ruled by their Virtues and Vices.
    • This is highly dependent on their Rank. Rank 1 ghosts are mere echoes of themselves, lost to rote repetition, while Rank 2 ghosts are still subject to their Vices and Virtues as above. Rank 3+ ghosts operate as if they were in the Underworld (and most often are): while their Vices and Virtues weigh much more heavily on them than on living people, they are increasingly more coherent (or, at least, intelligible) the higher their Rank.
  • If/Once a Ghost's Anchors are destroyed, they are hurled in to the Underworld. They cannot choose to stay.
  • If/Once the Ghost's Anchors are resolved, they Pass On to whatever comes after. They cannot choose to stay.
  • All ghosts have the ability to manifest using a Power + Finesse roll. However, without the Manifestation Numen, they are not able to affect the world at all. This allows ghosts to briefly cross into the physical realm as an intangible and voiceless creature. The higher a ghost's Power stat, the more clearly appears in the real world using this ability. They remain visible in the real world for a number of rounds equal to successes on the manifestation roll.
  • Ghosts regain Essence through Memento Mori. Anything that would remind a ghost of their life or reinforce their Anchors provides them with Essence.