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River of Ash

  • Created by: Deckard
  • Description: The River is a mixture of white, grey, and black dust and flakes that flow with a consistency similar to sand. There is a sound, much like the cracking of wood on fire, when one approaches closer on the river’s shores. A slight reddish orange glow can be seen just below the surface of the ashes, presumably the embers of everything that had ever been burnt down. This River is rumoured to be able to burn bridges between people, severing the emotional contact that connects two people.
  • Benefits and Drawbacks: By supping its dusty waters, the character may burn a token given to them by somebody close within the next hour, and in doing so, completely eradicate any bridges they may have had. The next time the character sees that person, they likely won’t even remember who they are. The person with whom the Sin-Eater (or whatever person drank from the river) severed ties may roll Wits+Composure-1 to remember the Sin-Eater. Possessing the Eidetic Memory merit provides a +3 bonus on this roll.
  • Location: This river may be found as the first, second, or third.

River of Iniquity

  • Created by: Kilo and Vandal
  • Description: Pale blue, crystal-clear, glittering waters beckon the thirsty and weary Underworld traveler to come drink and quench their thirst at the tranquil banks of this lazy, slow-moving tributary. But things aren’t always as they seem and the River of Iniquity beckons those of respectable morality, lures them in and sucks the virtue clean out of them. By the time they realise what is happening, it is too late.
  • Benefits and Drawbacks: Any traveler tricked into drinking from the beautiful and tranquil waters of the River of Iniquity takes an automatic 2 level hit to their morality (or appropriate equivalent such as synergy, clarity, etc.) that lasts for 24 hours and affects any roll or event that might be altered by their morality level (including should a Sin Eater die during that 24 hour period). At the end of 24 hours, the drinker must pass a resolve+composure roll or risk incurring a temporary derangement which will last for a number of days equal to their altered morality rating.
  • Location: Can be found before or after any dominion.

River of Mercury

  • Created by: Kilo and Vandal
  • Description: This very strange and heavy-bodied river appears as a silvery-white metallic liquid resembling a substance much like Mercury, that seems as though it should be a solid but acts like a rapidly moving liquid, pilling and dripping here and there when separated from its mass. It’s namesake, the Roman God ‘Mercury’, for which the River was named, was a psychopomp who guided newly deceased souls to the Underworld. Here the River of Mercury continues that job, as wraiths may ride its easy-moving currents on simple wooden rafts, much like a ghostly regatta on their way down deeper into the Lower Mysteries
  • Benefits and Drawbacks: A draught of this highly toxic substance will cause 2 points of lethal damage, but blesses the drinker with a psychopomp’s knowledge like that possessed by Mercury. The drinker receives a +4 to all rolls involving navigation, tracking or searching.
  • Location: Can be found before or after any dominion.

River of Phantom Hysteria

  • Created by: Kilo and Vandal
  • Description: Impossible to see to the bottom, this intense purple -- nearly black and swiftly moving river is littered with a chaos of snapping and crackling electrical currents that light it up periodically like lightning lights up a stormy sky.
  • Benefits and Drawbacks: Dipping a hand in, drinking from, or in any other way coming in contact with the dark purple river water will cause a mild electrical shock leading to 3 bashing damage and requires the subject make a resolve+composure roll. A failure on the roll results in a ghost hysteria derangement lasting for 24 hours and will prevent the character from interacting normally with any ghosts they come across.
    Contact with any ghost will require a resolve+composure roll. A failure causes the character to run in fear from the immediate area and he cannot return until the Hysteria derangement is gone (24 hours later). In the event of a dramatic failure, or if the character is unable to escape the ghost, he faints and loses consciousness for the remainder of the scene.
  • Location: Can be found before or after any dominion.

River of Spiders

  • Created by: Toska
  • Description: No one's entirely certain if this river is an outgrowth of the River of Scorpions (Sinaan) or vice-versa. All that's known about it to those who come across it is that the two look incredibly similar. Similar to the River of Scorpions, the River of Spiders (also known as Uttu), this isn't so much as a river as it is hundreds of thousands of venomous spiders running over one another in a channel. Each spider is different, making it have a wild array of colors. Black widows skitter alongside brown recluses, Brazilian wandering spiders, Northern and Sydney funnel webs, red-legged widows, tarantulas of all shape and size, and so on – black on red on yellow on blue on green on brown on black. The river can be heard, skittering down the canal that contains it, before it's seen. Wading into the river means suffering the bites of a thousand upon a thousand different venomous creatures. It's a rare person that can make it through alive without the use of a ferryman. Anyone with a flaw regarding arachnophobia must succeed at a Resolve + Composure check with a -5 penalty, otherwise will flee in terror upon seeing the river.
  • Benefits and Drawbacks: To partake of the River of Spiders, one must pluck a spider out of the swarming mass and swallow it. The spider will latch onto the imbiber's tongue, delivering a powerful toxin (forcing the imbiber to take three Lethal damage that can't be avoided by normal or supernatural means). Following this, the spider's toxin begins to course through the system of the drinker, who is given an incredible knowledge and lore of crafting. Spiders are well-known for being weavers, but this extends to all crafts projects the character might perform, receiving a +3 bonus on all Crafts rolls for (Synergy) days. Unfortunately, the venom of the spider ingested also causes the imbiber to see visions of threats, and become incredibly territorial. A crafter who has a workshop will not suffer anyone to enter her workshop so long as the venom of Uttu is running through her, and will attempt to threaten or scare off any potential interloper – friend or foe – and as a last resort, attack them in a berserk rage. The place claimed as the imbiber's "territory" can be wherever they spend most of their time. What's more, being away from this place causes the imbiber to become incredibly anxious, twitchy, and feel an immediate need to return to their location. In mechanical terms, the character gains the Territorial Flaw in regards to their place of choice, and the Anxiety derangement when away from it for (Synergy) days.
  • Location: This river can be found as the first, second, or fifth.