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Your Geist

When creating your Geist, keep in mind that we aren't interested in where it's from. Who they were in life isn't very important now. They might not even know and you certainly shouldn't. These are the things you should cover in your note:

  • What sort of death does your Geist represent and how?
  • What motivates your Geist?
  • How does your Geist appear?
  • What sort of relationship to you have with your Geist?

Your Keystone

Your Keystone note should have all of the following:

  • A Threshold that relates to your Geist.
  • Two Keys that relate to your Geist.
  • An associated skill that relates to your Geist.
  • A brief description about how the keystone itself relates to your Geist.
  • If your Keystone is a piece of equipment, you must put that piece of equipment into your +note.

What Are Geists?

xxxxxGeists are not normal ghosts; they are something more: archetypes of death. Keystones are not Relics or even Mementos; they are physical and ephemeral manifestations of the mutual connection between a Geist and a Sin-Eater, representative anchors of the Bargains the dying strike with these deathly deities.

xxxxxWhen considering your Geist or a prospective Geist for a future bargain, please remember that Geists are not simply 'Ghosts' with normal histories. While they may well have been at one point, they've now warped into something completely different. Geists are archetypes of death, tied in to the Archetype of the PC. While yes, your Geist may have once been Steve the plumber who loved his mum, that's not something your PC will ever know. Steve the plumber and Steve's ghost are no more. By being such a forceful archetype of death by drowning in the toilet, Steve has become Armitage Shanks, representing this form of dying. The Geist will attempt to bring about this manner of death to others and this struggle is one of the aspects of being a Sin Eater. Geists have given up their anchors and replaced them with an attachment to this archetype, becoming deified in a way and also a slave to it, in another.

xxxxxYour PC may occasionally converse with the Geist -- despite them being a gestalt being with a joined personality, there's still a manifestation of the thing the character has bonded with -- but Geists do not give up their secrets. Your Geist has already done you a solid in stopping you from dying. Its life story -- should it even remember it -- isn't going to be forthcoming anytime soon. The ceremony to get truth from your geist risks synergy loss and derangements, proof positive that actual facts are hard to come by (GtSE 1.1 p160). Many Geists don't even remember their actual pasts, they've been around so long or become such embodiments of death that times when they were actually alive are little more than a blur.

xxxxxPlease keep this in mind when writing up Geists. Unless you have Synergy 10 and have been Bound for a significant amount of time, the amount of facts you know about your Geist will be hugely limited. The amount of lies and posturing you believe however is an altogether different matter. Feel free to mix up your Geist note with the truth and the lies, but generally speaking a discussion of the way your Geist represents the Archetype, how it appears and what its apparent motivations are is more fitting than what its childhood was like. See Geists: The Sin Eaters 1.1, Page 19 and on for the basic run down.

xxxxxThink also about the Archetype involved, and elaborate upon it. A Geists Archetype (different from a Sin Eater's Archetype) is related to its Threshold (commonly the same as the Sin Eater's but not always), but it must be related to Death in some way. As in the book example on page 21, there are no Geists of Water, but there are Geists of Drowning -- such as the aforementioned Armitage Shanks. The first paragraph on page 22 illustrates this well. See also the write ups of example Geists in the book, (Unfettered Geists, starting on page 238).


xxxxxTo set your Geist and Keystone notes (following the questions and format detailed above), use the following command:

+note me/Geist=
Name of the Geist
Keys: (Must have 2 associated)
Likely Candidates: (Who the geist typically chooses/looks for to bond with)
Motivation: (what does the geist want)
Relationship: (What is your current relationship with your geist)
+note me/Keystone=
Name of the Keystone
Text answering the questions above. This may be in paragraph or bullet-point format.

xxxxxTitles can be set as 'Geist - Tom Thumb', 'Geist', 'Keystone - Potted Plant', or 'Keystone', but not as 'Tom Thumb' or 'Potted Plant' for organization purposes. Please do not set your Geist or Keystone solely as the name of the Geist or Keystone. If you want to use their names, make sure to preface both with either 'Geist' or 'Keystone' when setting note titles.

CG Spends

xxxxxWhen putting in your Experience Spends for your initial experience in character generation, please use the +xpreq code.


As of January 11, 2015, All Sin-Eater applications must abide by the following guidelines:

  • No Stygian Key or Pit Manifestation in CharGen. These items require a staff-approved PrP, and thus cannot be bought in CG.

Background Questions

In addition to the Mortal questions that you would answer for apping a Mortal (you can find these here), please answer the following questions in your BG. We really, really prefer questions as it helps us go through your app quickly -- copying, pasting, and answering is totally alright:

  • How did you die? What is your Threshold? How does this death affect you character mentally?
  • What was the Bargain like for you? How did your Geist appear to you? Were they honest with you?
  • Describe your Deathsight. How do you see the stains of death upon the world, ghosts, and humans?
  • How do you feel about ghosts? Do you help them? Hurt them? Extort them? Do you have any ghost retainers or allies?
  • Have you been in the Underworld? If yes, how did that experience affect you? When did you go, and how often?
  • Do you have any Mementos other than your keystone? What are they, and how did you get them?
  • Have you learned any Ceremonies? If so, how did you learn them? How might you have used them in the past?
  • How do you view the living now that you've seen the world of the dead?
  • Have you ever been in a Krewe, or founded one? What was it like? What Aspect did your Geist take on?
  • Do you have any Flaws or Permanent Conditions, mystical or otherwise? Please explain them here.