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  • The Society of Crows: A brief history of the resident Faction within Fallcoast
  • Local Krewes: The active Cults (Tier-1 Krewes) which call Fallcoast home.
  • NPCs: List of NPCs belonging to the Geist sphere.


Active Characters & NPCs by Threshold

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Introduction to the Sphere

Geist: the Sin-Eaters is a game meant to explore the endless cycle of life and death.

After personally coming back from the threshold of death, your character has been given a second chance at life from an ephemeral entity known as a Geist, whose goals range from questionable to downright homicidal. By offering your character the Bargain, your Geist gains the ability to experience life once more in exchange for giving you a little more time traveling along the mortal coil. Luckily, the deal that has Bound the two of you together places you in the driver's seat, and thereby grants you incredible ghostly powers over the dead and living alike, and with them, the responsibility to be the link between the world of the quick and the ever-decaying land of the dead.

Will you aid the shades of the dead, helping them pass on, or will you choose yourself who lives and dies? Will you protect the Low Places from the strange creatures of the night who would abuse them, or abuse them yourself? Will you delve into the depths of the Underworld for untold treasure and hidden occult knowledge? Will you and your Geist unravel the mysteries of the Deathlords down below, or protect the living from the Sacrosanct up above? How long can this tenuous relationship between you and your Geist last?

Welcome to the world of Geist: the Sin-Eaters, where death is not the end...

It is only the beginning.


The Geist sphere on Fallcoast emphasizes a few themes in particular:

Balance: Geist, above all else, is a sphere about balance. They are tasked with making sure that the scales weighing the balance between life and death remains centered. It can make their return difficult and adjustment complicated depending on their life prior. Were they once a doctor, surgeon, nurse? Upon their return, they may find that they need to refrain from saving those lives they once swore oaths to heal. Were they a murderer, gang banger, drug pusher? They may find that this time around, they need to walk a straighter line. The Universe has a funny way of choosing those who become Bound. Most had some sort of 'supernatural' connection, no matter how minute, in life. Yes, you have a whole lot of power, but balance is the ultimate goal. Those who seem to ignore this basic principle tend to find themselves upon a downward spiral that could lead to their final death... or worse. And yes, there are definitely things much much worse.

Second Chances: All of the Bound have had a brush with death from which they returned, none of them quite the same as where they started. They have the opportunity and potentially the power to right old wrongs, fix problems, or just live the life that they snatched back to the fullest. Many Sin-Eater stories on Fallcoast will wrestle with the question of what one can do with the opportunity of a second chance. Stories of redemption, of resurrection, of resolving old questions and flaws and putting some things to rest while others get fresh opportunities are all valid here. We encourage proactive concepts with strong goals and big philosophical questions to consider. What will you hold onto? What will you let go? But not all second chances are good ones. Some stories will ask the question: Are some things better off ended -- for good?

Life and Death...and Other Things: The Bound remember what it is like to be alive, but a Geist may not. Together, they walk through the lands both of the living and the dead. Sin-Eaters don't just necessarily have their own problems, but those of living people and ghosts around them, not to mention the inhuman desires and pull of their Geist companion. Stories on Fallcoast will encourage the exploring of boundaries, and the question of what it is to live with feet in different worlds: alive and dead, human and mystic entity.

History, Mystery and Memory: The Bargain opens a Sin-Eater's world to all kinds of knowledge, and a little knowledge is sometimes dangerous. Putting old ghosts to rest is often not so easy as just showing up. Sometimes, there's more to the challenges the Bound face than meets the eye. Fallcoast's Geist theme highlights mysteries, from enigmas borne of the Underworld to old memories and history coming back to haunt the present. We particularly like stories that weave in with the local history and setting, stories which emphasize the role of memory and personality for ghosts and the living alike, and stories that present enigmas and puzzles to be solved.

Character Generation

Geist is currently open to new applications. Please see App Standards for game-wide application standards.

It is important to remember during Geist character gen that you will essentially be creating TWO characters: your PC and your Geist. The Geist is always a part of you and is not just something that saves you from death then goes away until you want to use its power. The understanding of this is essential to playing a Sin-Eater.


  • First: When you finish the coded CG on here, the system generates a +job for you. This is a handy tool that you can use! In fact, you will pretty much have to use it in order to finish CG successfully. In Geist: The Sin-Eaters this means you'll need to put the following things on this +job because we have no way of knowing what you want if you don't:

Starting Psyche
Beginning Manifestations
Beginning Keys

  • Second: Everyone on this game gets at a minimum 550 xp starting out. They may also get more if they knock down their Morality/Synergy trait score to a max of 5. Bear in mind if you do opt to knock down your Morality score you will need to make a degeneration roll for every level 'sold'. +roll #=job ### is how to roll to a job. Please calculate your own starting xp total. Once you've done that, please submit your XP spends using the XP spend code. For example, if you decide to drop your Synergy at chargen, you would list it out in the following fashion:
    • 550 XP + 10 xp Morality > 5
  • Third: As a Sin-Eater you all have a Keystone Memento and a Geist that it goes with. Please set a +note (+help note) with the information for it on yourself and staff with information on your Keystone Memento and one about your Geist. Your Keystone Memento should follow the example on page 194 of the Geist book. It is the manifestation of the bond between PC and your Geist and the importance of that should be reflected in the detail of your note. Your Geist note should include your Geist's background, description, and its relationship to the PC. Remember, your Geist is just as important a character as your PC.

  • Finally: Please +note any other Mementos that you start out with. You can find out how to do this HERE.


Becomings can be prearranged in case your non-Sin-Eater character dies, as long as it's physically possible depending on their nature.

The main requirement is that Becoming must never be an OOC way to dodge the consequences of PvP or other lethal situations -- if your character has already died, is about to be killed, or is currently in a potentially dangerous situation by the time you ask for it, we won't allow it.

If you are interested, please do the following: Speak to your current sphere's Team Lead ahead of time and get their approval. Then contact the Geist Team Leads once that happens. At this point a staff-locked note will be placed on the character citing pre-approval.

Existing +notes by past Geist teams will be honored. However please be advised that the Geist Team Lead retains the right, at their discretion, to deny an IC Becoming even if it was previously approved at the time of the character's death.

Please note a character may only have the Bargain if they've only had one Becoming of any kind in their entire past. So for example, a mortal woman who becomes Possessed can then have the Bargain. If she becomes Possessed and then becomes a Hunter, she can never become a Sin-Eater after that.

You may not become a Sin-Eater if you are a Major Template of another sphere. Period.


  • Due to the recent increase in starting XP, we are not offering any incentives at this time.

  • XP usage

Whether you are rolling a character normally, with an XP transfer from an alt or going through a respec, in Geist you can choose to spend or keep as much XP as you like.

Considering that, unlike most spheres on Fallcoast, Geist does have some justifications for spends (Mentor reduction for Ceremonies, Tutelage of the Dead rules), if you choose to not spend any of your XP and then put in an XP request for ceremonies at a reduced cost from a PC mentor straight out of the gate, or utilize the Tutelage of the Dead rules right away to get a cost reduction on Traits, those XP spend requests will be denied.

Banned Concepts

At this time, the following concepts/merits are not allowed:

  • Keystones associated with the Stygian Key
  • Indebted
  • Sacrosanct
  • Tier 3 Krewes
  • Skill Specializations in Manifestations or Keys
  • No more than '1' Attribute at '1' after all XP spends
  • Tier 2 Krewe merits in Chargen
  • Psyche above 3 in Chargen

Recent Ghost Stories