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Working with the Wiki

Aggregate Group Pages

xxxxxIf you're new to the game, you might be wondering about why the Motleys page contains a bunch of code and not actual content about motleys on the game. That's true for Families, Businesses, Coteries, Packs, Bands, Cabals and Krewes as well, and it's because we have a system set up wherein you don't have to edit multiple pages every time something changes. You should have on your group page a template called Group, at the very bottom, above the categories. The aforementioned pages have code set up to search the whole wiki for this template and display the information therein, so if you recruit a new member into your coterie or your pack goes inactive, all you have to do is edit one page in two places and the magic of the wiki will make sure it ends up in all the right places.

xxxxxDocumentation on the RP Logs template can be found here and documentation on the Group template can be found here.

Creating Character and Group Pages

xxxxxOn the main character pages page there are two page creators, one for character pages and one for group pages. You just type in your name and bam, instant page.

xxxxxFurther information on Categories can be found later in this document, but until your character or group is approved and IC, you should have "Potential PCs" and "Potential Groups" categories on there. The page creators set these automatically. Please don't set them to 'Active' until you're approved.

xxxxxDocumentation on the RP Logs template can be found here and documentation on the Group template can be found here.

External Help Files

xxxxxThe following links are useful for people who want to learn to better use the wiki. The first is useful for everybody, while the links after it are strictly for users who want to work on more advanced projects.

  • Mediawiki's own documentation can be found here and is quite useful for learning to use wikicode.
  • An in-depth exploration of most of the capabilities of CSS can be found at
  • If you want to try your hand at creating or tweaking dynamic page lists, you can check out the DPL documentation.
  • For more complex code, ParserFunctions is invaluable.

Wiki Policy

xxxxxTo get a wiki account, simply +req/web in game, and include the user name you would like (a second choice can't hurt) and an email. Both of these are necessary to create an account. Please do not give us your password. One is randomly generated and you can change it to your desired password.

To better keep the wiki as a functional tool for information, we've established a few basic policies:

  • Do not reproduce content from books. It's okay to have a list of page numbers where your PC's powers are; it's not okay to copy the powers out of the book, including their rolls, modifiers, catches, clauses, etc. Your notes and cheat-sheet are better kept in a Google Doc or other thing. Debates about fair use are cool, but we've already had them, so please respect the guidelines we've set for the wiki on this matter.
  • The wiki should be flexible and readable for everyone. Please keep any fixed-width images or tables limited in size, so that your pages can scale down to at least 800 pixels and not go off the edge of the screen (for two-column pages, this means no single fixed-width element over about 300 pixels in a column, and if you want to include a gallery of images, please avoid tables if possible, or make it either less than 300 pixels wide/able to wrap with a smaller column). Elements that cannot scale down, such as family trees, maps and other large diagrams, are the only exception to this rule.
  • Do not blank other people's pages to make room for your own or someone else's. Please make a disambiguation page and link your name and theirs to it. If you do not know how to do this, ask someone.
  • The wiki should be free of excess clutter. If you want to get rid of a page, rather than just deleting all links and leaving it orphaned, you should contact a member of staff to delete it properly. Any page that is blanked will be deleted, and any page or file that is orphaned should either get linked to from something or deleted. Any page left orphaned is liable to be deleted. Players are allowed to make wiki pages for unapproved characters, but they are liable to be deleted after a period of one month if the character hasn't been approved.
  • The wiki should be free of nasty surprises. No NSFW images should be posted on pages or linked to from pages where the reader doesn't know that the image in question is not safe for work ahead of time. Potentially offensive text is less policed, because it's easier for a passerby to overlook a single phrase like "motherfucking cuntbag" than a giant pair of breasts, but please, keep it within reason. If your character page reads like erotica, something needs to change, and you should give people at least a little warning before they dive into TS logs.
  • Played by pictures must depict characters (whether PCs or NPCS) that are at least 18 years of age, use actors at least 18 years of age, and the PCs must appear to be 18 in all pictures. If there is doubt, don't post it.
  • Files on the wiki should be well-organized. Please name every file you upload so that it indicates the PC with whom the file is affiliated. If a file is not safe for work, its name should reflect this, and it must not be used on a main PC page, but placed in a separate gallery whose name should reflect this. If you need help, please ask, we'll be glad to help you. No more than ten images per PC. This includes your equipment, retainers, house, and My Little Pony collection. Only one moving image on your main character page.
  • The wiki should be well-built. Please, keep your code clean and functional. Between the many people on the game more than capable with wikicode, and MediaWiki and W3C's own help manuals, you have many resources to building a functionally-coded page. In addition, we have easily-used templates for just about everything!
  • If you need anything, just ask. The Wiki channel is always open (addcom wik=Wiki), and if nobody's awake, Staff is only a +request away.

Picking Categories

xxxxxCategories aren't complicated at all, but to do them properly you need to know which categories are in use. You can add anything you want, but the wiki makes use of specific ones. Because the list of available categories is very long, it's on another page.

Family Logs

xxxxxxxxxxWe somewhat recently made a change to the way that family pages pull the logs that are meant to be representative of that family. We changed it from pulling by category (which pulls every log that has ever had a family member in it, ever) to pulling those which link to the family page. This serves a couple of purposes: 1) it keeps the log category tags working the way they're supposed to work while 2) allowing people to pick and choose more significant logs as being the ones that show up on the page so that 3) when people read the log, there will be a link to the family page right there such that they can click right through and 4) they can easily see some good 'example' logs of what it means to play in the family.

xxxxxSo! You may see strange wikignomes have come through and added family links to logs, including plots which may not strictly be FOR or ABOUT that family, but which include members of the family, or are felt to be representative of what RP with the family would include or entail. This is awesome, IMO, because it means someone thinks your plot is a great example, and one they want to show off to anyone who wants to play in the family. \o/ Hooray!

xxxxxQ) But this isn't a Whifflesnail Family Log! This log centers around the Animatronic Tyrannosaurus sphere, and members of the Whifflesnail family just happened to participate.

xxxxxA) Yeah, but it might have been a significant turning point for a family member. Maybe someone started their Animation Sequence, which will end in them becoming an Animatronic Tyrannosaurus, or there was a hint that they were going to, or maybe it's just a good example of the kind of RP that Whifflesnail players can expect in the Animatronic Tyrannosaurus sphere. If you need help making the link less obtrusive, ask Glasgow! She will help.

xxxxxQ) But what's so significant about the time that Lady Whifflesnail cut the throat of a Shadow Zombie with the broken edge of a teacup? I'm not sure I understand why that matters.

xxxxxA) Well, the player who went through and linked it thought it was significant enough to merit inclusion, or maybe just a good example of family RP. Perhaps they often fight Shadow Zombies, or this was the first time that Lady Whifflesnail used a broken teacup, which has since become her favorite anti-zombie weapon.

xxxxxQ) I am not a player in the Whifflesnail family and I strenuously object to this log being linked to that family's page. I am a member of the Trembleblitz family and I feel this is more significant to us.

xxxxxA) You are both pretty and may both wear the tiara; more than one family can be linked. Please don't take other player's family links off of logs. Either they were part of the log, or they were part of the group of people that staff asked to go through and find examples of family RP and link them out. Either way, they're doing what staff asked. If you need help, ask Glasgow. If you need direction or have objections, please excellently approach your family staffer.

xxxxxQ) I am a member of the Whifflesnails, and I heavily object to this log being linked as an example of our family RP. Everyone knows that the Whifflesnails are primarily members of the Thunderous Weasel sphere.

xxxxxA) In that case, please excellently approach the player who added the link and ask them; if you don't feel comfortable with that, well, your family staffer can help you sort out any conflicts between the Animatronic Tyrannosaurus and Thunderous Weasel spheres as concerns the Whifflesnail family.