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Master XP Chart
This page aims at including every XP cost in the game, whether or not we use the material in question. If it's italicized, that means it's not available for PCs.
Trait XP Cost
Attribute New Dots x 5
Skill New Dots x 3
Skill Specialty 3
Merit New Dots x 2
Morality New Dots x 3
Willpower Replacement 8
Power Stat New Dots x 8
Affinity Contract New Dots x 4
Non-Affinity Contract New Dots x 6
Wyrd New Dots x 8
Goblin Contracts Dots x 3
Token Limb New Dots x 3
Clarity Raise New Dots x 3
Changing Breeds
Aspects [1] New Dots x 5 (Only existing Dots)
Breed Favor New Dots x 5
Non-Breed Favor New Dots x 7
Respect New Dots x 6
Spirit Gifts Refer to house rules
Benediction 5 Each.
Castigation As Merits, new Dots X 2; 5 dots total, can be switched out.
Elixir Dots
Rite du Cheval 2
Rite of Denial 5
Thaumatechnology New Dots X 2
Advanced Armory New Dots X 2
Tactic Refer to Tactic; differ on a case by case basis
Gutter Magic Mystery 8
Gutter Magic Spell New Dots x 3
Manifestation New Dots x 6
Key 10
Ceremony (Mentored) [2] Dots x 2
Ceremony (Self-Taught) [2] Dots x 3
Ruling Arcanum New Dots x 6
Common Arcanum New Dots x 7
Inferior Arcanum New Dots x 8
Rote [3] Dots x 2
Affinity Transmutation New Dots x 5
Non-Affinity Transmutation New Dots x 7
Azoth New Dots x 8
Humanity Raise New Dots x 3
Vice New Dots x 10
Vestment 5 x Rank
Chi New Dots x 8
Siddhi New Dots x 7
Numen 10
In-Clan Discipline New Dots x 5
Out-of-Clan Discipline New Dots x 7
Coils, Cruac, Theban (Discipline) [4] New Dots x 7
Blood Sorcery Theme New Dots x 5
Blood Sorcery Ritual Dots x 2 of Highest Theme
Devotion Refer to Devotion
Threnodies Dots x 2
Fontal Ritual 5
Protean 2 & 4 / Web Variant 3
In-Clan Discipline New Dots x 10
Out-of-Clan Discipline New Dots x 14
Affinity Gift[5] / Rituals New Dots x 5
Non-Affinity Gift[5] New Dots x 7
Primary Renown New Dots x 6
Other Renown New Dots x 8
Rite Dots x 2
Totem Merit 3xp per dot
Numina 10
  1. See the house rules on Aspect costs.
  2. 2.0 2.1 The Sin-Eater may buy an additional dot to alter the ritual behind a given ceremony.
  3. Rote dots are calculated by highest Arcanum dot required for the spell.
  4. Coil costs are calculated as New Level x7 for primary path and New Level x8 for all additional paths. You are limited to 2x your blood potency in total Coils.
  5. 5.0 5.1 It is possible to buy Gifts out of sequence, but each level skipped adds an additional 3 XP to the cost of the Gift.