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What do Staffers do? They should be:

  • Logging in. Staffers should log into the game. They can't do their Staffly Duties if they don't log in.
  • Doing jobs. This means answering jobs pertaining to their Staffbit and their Staff duties. It also entails adding comments and ideas to pitches. Some example jobs are: apps, XP, research, and other sundry administration.
  • Storytelling Staffers should be telling stories and making plot.
  • Checking the Forum in the Staff and Sphere areas.
  • Not taking part in communication referring to their character on Staff channels.
  • Checking bbposts for pertinent information as it is passed along.
  • Communicating with fellow players and fellow Staff. Keeping your Staffmates and Players in the loop about things they need to know is invaluable.
  • Cultivating relationships. This means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To us, it means handling your jobs in a timely fashion, being polite, and working with players to the best of your ability. The rest will follow.

If doing these things sounds interesting to you and you are level-headed, care about Fallcoast, knowledgeable about our rules and policies, and have the time, inquire about Staffing through +request.