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Fallcoast implements the God-Machine Chronicles rule regarding the stacking of specialties, as per the "Note on Specialties" in GMC, p. 150. However, seeing as how the note is so short, here are some examples:

  • If you have Crafts 1, but Baking, Cakes, and Under Pressure as specialties, then you have a 'Baking Cakes Under Pressure' "skill" of 4.
  • If you have Weaponry 2 and a specialty in Swords, you're a bit better with swords than with bats. If you have another specialty in Rapiers, you're a bit better with rapiers than any other sword. If you have another specialty in Bitey, the relic rapier handed down through your family for generations, than you're a bit better with that specific weapon than you are with other rapiers and you're quite a bit better with Bitey than with swords, and loads better with Bitey than with any other weapon.
  • If you have a Medicine Specialty in Cardiology and one in Surgery, you're better at heart surgery than at anything else.

In addition, here at Fallcoast, we are limiting the stacking of Specialties to a MAXIMUM bonus to any ONE ROLL of +3 DICE, making the above examples the highest possible bonuses one can achieve via Specialty stacking. This INCLUDES the +2 from AREA OF EXPERTISE, so if you have AREA OF EXPERTISE you may only stack 2 Specialties in a single roll.

While this does open up the floor to slightly larger dice pools (which, at this point, on Fallcoast, doesn't make that much of a dent), it allows people to achieve expert or master-level ratings in Skills that are particularly multi-application, such as Crafts or Expression. Now, not every master baker (hurrhurr) needs Crafts 5 and is automatically also a master sculptor or master painter. This last is the true spirit of the rule, and Fallcoast staff hopes that's the main application that players will make use of this rule for, rather than exclusively combat (which we already have huge dice pools for anyway).

Remember to always ask before a roll when introducing a Specialty to it, so that the Storyteller can make sure it is applicable within the context of the scene and roll.