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  • Different powers of a single item can't be enacted on the same turn outside the rules. No spending a WP to start the relic portion and a second WP to start the fetish portion (wolfbloods, I'm looking at you there).

  • The powers don't stack unless they would normally on separate items; being one object doesn't break that rule.

  • All story requirements remain intact. If you have to convince a spirit to go live in a Russian Stacking Doll, to get your fetish? You still have to convince that spirit to live in whatever other object you want it in. This may be harder if it's already a magical item of another sort; the ST will decide that at the time.

  • Gut-Check of Item Creation Staff remains intact. If what you're asking for is just outright too powerful or doesn't make sense, they still get to say no and work with you on something else.

  • You still have to pay for each type of item as before, as appropriate to whatever it is.