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Multiple Merits or multiple Powers can contribute to the same roll or dice pool: dice bonuses, reroll modifiers, or automatic successes. In most cases, only one of each type can apply to any given roll. Bonuses gained from the PC's type (Vampires pumping stats with blood, shifters changing forms, Mage Legacies or Changeling Kith/Seemings) are considered inherent and will stack with anything up to and including other inherent bonuses. Equipment which solely provides a numerical bonus (Enhanced items, Hedgespun or certain Relics or Fetishes) will stack, but types of Equipment that duplicate or mimic a power (Imbued items, Tokens, etc) may be considered Powers for these purposes.

As always, the ST for any given scene makes the final call on what will or will not stack.

You may not stack Rote.