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A version of the following appears in the Book of Spirits regarding researching Spirit bans. Staff has decided that the system will be slightly modified and expanded to cover all research into spirits.

Extended Roll: Intelligence+Occult(.Specialty if appropriate)-Spirit Rank
Successes: Spirit Rank x5
Time: Each roll represents one day's efforts. This may be modified by relics, powers, etc.
Prerequisites: Must have an appropriate resource for research to take place, such as an appropriate Library, or Contacts/Allies pertaining to spirits. Staff is the final arbiter of which sources are useful, and which if any specific level will be needed.
Special: Unlike many extended rolls, there is no hard limit on the number of rolls, only a limit on time spent. You may continue rolling for a number of days equal to the character's Resolve+Composure before exhausting not just your resources but your character's ability to believe there's more to discover. Rationalize this as an arbitrary and ephemeral restriction the material world imposes on research into the Shadow, or whatever else makes sense to you or for your character. Regardless, at the end of this time the character will have met the requirements to gain the Bans and other pertinent information about the spirit being researched, or not. If successes fall short, the person handling the job is encouraged to throw in misinformation as part of the research results.
Teamwork: Teamwork can be used for research rolls. Each individual participant can contribute for no longer than their own Resolve+Composure would allow, and drops out of the research for any rolls beyond that.