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Fallcoast is set in a pair of cities directly adjacent to one another, nestled on the coast of Maine quite close to the New Hampshire border. The larger of the two, for which the game is named, is roughly the size of Nashville. It is a city in truth, with all the population density, opportunities, and problems that come with a large chunk of humans (and others...) packed together into a relatively condensed urban area.

Its sister city of Hanging Hills is close enough to be considered a suburb of Fallcoast, at least by the larger city's populace. The residents of the Hills fiercely resent that attitude, and maintain doggedly their status as a completely separate town. Hanging Hills is certainly smaller and less urban, edging up on the sort of sleepy, small-town New England atmosphere often portrayed in literature and film.

The cities are coastal, their origins in the fishing and whaling industry (for Fallcoast in particular) and in copper mining (Hanging Hills), where the foothills of the White Mountains slide down toward the sea. Inland, the urban areas are met by dense woodland, some of it officially preserved, much of it simply never densely inhabited.

There are, a bit distantly off the coast, a set of islands, historically colonized by fishermen, later by bed-and-breakfasts and posh hotels, more recently by private homes. The islands are collectively known as Hawthorne Point on official maps; unofficially, to locals, they have long been affectionately termed 'the rocks'.

A bullet-point timeline of the area's history can be found here. This is a very basic skeleton of events, and will be updated as the game progresses with more detailed information as uncovered through RP and story.

Knowing Your City

The People of Fallcoast

Like all cities, Fallcoas has an assortment of citizens with different personalities, professions, backgrounds and goals. While some people fall into the simple and mundane 'everyday Joe' category, some are a little more colorful, and sometimes those people want or need to connect with like-minded individuals. Below we have listed a handful of concept lists to allow players to both find like-minded PCs but also to make connections with those that may offer services normally difficult to procure. These pages may also offer information pertaining to how these types of concepts are handled in the games theme and setting. Players are welcome to add themselves to any fof the pages that fit within their concept.



Fallcoast has a relatively small grid. Gridsquares are arranged to represent larger areas and neighborhoods, rather than falling strictly along street-by-street lines. A single gridsquare will therefore be able to host multiple public and private builds while allowing sufficient IC space between them.

Note: factions, splats, etc. will not be allowed to lay claim to an individual grid square in and of itself.

You can see all the maps here, more grid information here, and a list of businesses here.

 a01 - Moosetown                                   h02 ----- h01 
 a02 - Pigeon Hill                                  |         |        N
 b01 - Historical Waterfront                       g02 ----- g01       |
 b02 - Historic District                            |         |     W--@--E
 b03 - University City                             f02 ----- f01       |
 c01 - Hyacinth Ridge                               |         |        S
 c02 - Commercial District                         e02 ----- e01 
 d01 - Marina                                                 |
 e01 - East End                                    d02 ----- d01 
 e02 - Oakfield                                     |         |
 f01 - Fisherman's Row                             c02 ----- c01 
 f02 - The Square                                   |         |
 g01 - Crow Hollow                       b03 ----- b02 ----- b01 
 g02 - Western Crow Hollow Woods                    |         |
 h01 - Northern Crow Hollow Woods                  a02 ----- a01 
 h02 - Northwestern Crow Hollow Woods                         |
 o01 - Open Ocean                                            o01 
 o02 - Islands                                                |

Quick Guide to Gridsquares

Hanging Hills

H02: Northwestern Crow Hollow Woods (Wilderness Ares)
H01: Northern Crow Hollow Woods (Wilderness Area)
G02: Western Crow Hollow Woods (Wilderness Area)
G01: Crow Hollow (Reservoir)
F02: The Square (Downtown Hanging Hills)
F01: Fisherman's Row (Residential - Lower Class)
E02: Oakfield (Residential - Middle Class)
E01: East End (Business & Commercial)
D01: Marina


D02: The Division (Residential/Commercial)
C02: Commercial District (Business& Commercial)
C01: Hyacinth Ridge (residential (Upper Class)
B03: University City (College)
B02: Historic District (Municipal City Center)
B01: Historical Waterfront (Business & Commercial)
A02: Pigeon Hill (Commercial/Residential - Lower+ Class)
A01: Moosetown (Industrial)
O01: Open Ocean (Just what it says)
O02: Islands (Hawthorne Point; "The Rocks")