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Rolling Again

Failure is just success rounded down.

This is an optional House Rule wherein you may re-roll a failed roll at -1 to attempt again. Typically, you cannot do this for rolls that are crucial, and you can never do this for combat rolls. Again, this is optional. Ask your Storyteller if s/he is allowing this rule in your scene. Not all Storytellers will want to give people the ability to re-roll a failure.

As an example of how this works: Bob attempts to roll an Intelligence + Occult roll to see if he remembers hearing anything about the ghost that's ravaging the Commercial District and what it might be after based on his knowledge of the occult. He rolls and gets no successes on his roll. Normally sad trombones play, however, Bob's Storyteller tells him that he may attempt the roll again at -1, so Bob rolls his full dice pool once more, but with a -1 penalty applied after all other bonuses and penalties.

To reiterate, this is an optional House Rule, and not all Storytellers abide by it or want to use it. Please respect your ST.