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Polite Human Behavior

I am saddened that this even needs to be a Newsfile, but there have been too many recent examples as to why we need it, so it is getting written and posted now. We absolutely expect every player and staffer on this game to meet certain standards of basic human courtesy when dealing with each other. If you can't manage this, you need to consider what you gain from being on Fallcoast. And maybe you need to go discover a much less social hobby.
The Basic Standard for Fallcoast is. and has always been since the beginning: "Be Excellent." This means sometimes you may need to stop and think about your actions and behavior and ask yourself if you might be badly affecting others, and that you should be striving for a situation where everyone is having a good time and is happy.
It is completely unacceptable to OOCly attack others personally or as a group for their race, nationality, age, sexual orientation, or Roleplay preferences. If you are observed doing this, you will be asked to stop immediately. Repeated offenses will lead to the application of our MUSH Corrective Measures. See Game news:Corrective measures.
Do not hang on Channels and provoke people. Do not sit in the OOC room and provoke people. If people ask you to stop conversing about a specific topic or repeatedly try to change the subject, do that. Be polite to others. Behave decently. Remember you are a guest here, and that we are all here to create and tell cooperative stories.
Use the appropriate channels as intended: Go crazy on Vent (don't bash Staff there, but scream your head off if you need to.) Political stuff belongs on Politics. Adult is for OOC NSFW chatter.