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short for "re-specialization", the act of being able to move around trait values to overcome flaws in your character, statistical or thematic.

You have the ability to do a respec once every six months, with a maximum of three times in a character's life-span. This allows you to re-do character generation after the fact, allowing you to place points that are never or rarely used into more useful areas for the character. You do not have to do this if you do not want to; this is entirely optional.

  • Characters joining a supernatural sphere from being Mortal automatically get to redo their character sheet to take into account aspects of their change (See: Game news:Becoming).
  • Special XP Rewards like Tier, Arcane or sphere specific XP cannot be transferred in this fashion.
What a respec can do
  • Allow you to change around your initial XP spends and XP spent after chargen.
  • Get rid of unwanted skills and merits that don't fit your idea of what your character's become.
  • Flip around attribute points and change Physical/Mental/Social priorities in attributes and skills.
  • Allow you to purchase other merits and skills that fit your character concept better.
What a respec cannot do
  • Change key aspects of your PC (Clan, Seeming, Kith, Covenant, Threshold, Path, Order, Tribe, Auspice, etc.)
  • Remove or change noted flaws, unless purchasing them off of your character sheet with XP.
  • Get around Derangement gain through Morality loss.
  • Increase Morality lost through play or sold for XP at initial chargen. This must be done separately, with justification.
  • Change or add chargen-only merits. (Note: A Becoming respec may allow you to purchase chargen-only merits from your new template; this can only be done during a Becoming respec. All Becoming exceptions are up to that sphere's TL.)
  • Allow you to drop Morality for XP. This can only be done at initial chargen.
  • Your sphere Team Lead will have more information about what they will and will not allow in a respec. Please get with them if you wish to make use of this perk.
  • Please Submit Respec XP spends using the coded +xpreq system. See 'Game help:Xp spends'. Thank you.

See: Game news:Respec 2 for more info on Equipment, Relics/Fetishes/Magical Items, and Transferring XP.